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Vitamin levels

Hi friends

A few days ago I had requested advice on my TSH result ( it was 2.7) my GP texted me that it was normal and no further action required. You all offered me priceless advice and I and so grateful. I request for my vitamin levels to be tested and received the following result and a text from my GP informing me that its all normal and no further action required. 18th October 2017 my results came as follows:

Serum Ferritin - normal result 98 ug/ll ranges are 10.00 -420.00 ug/l

Serum Folate - normal result 12.3 ug/l range is 2.60-17.30ug/l

Serum Vitamin B12 normal result 525 ng/l range is 220.00 - 700 ng/l

Serum Vit D -normal result 74 nmol/L range ' >50 nmol/L sufficient for almost the whole population'

They also did my bone profile, FBC HB A1c LTG etc etc and the Liver function test, Blood sugar test etc and all showed normal. My Blood pressure 130/80. I am 56 years old female and my weight is about 68 to 69 kgs and thats more than I have ever weighed. My usual weight has always been 59 to 61 kgs more or less.

Please can you advice me if I should test further for my Thyroid levels even though all the above shows normal? is there any supplement that I should have ? Although I eat a natural diet and avoid processed foods I have noticed that I have put on some weight now and am wondering if it has anything to do with my Thyroid? I am very upset about the weight :( its not about my food definitely as I eat a very healthy diet. Ever so grateful and thankful if you can advice me. Many Thanks .

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Irrespective of any possible thyroid problem which seems doubtful you simply cannot ignore the inevitable increase in weight that comes with age like it or not

I eat carefully and always haveand am in no way hypothyroid but i will never be a size 10 again or anything like your weight

You simply have to be realistic and accept the march of age which unless you totally starve yourself is going to be at least one if not 2 sizes bigger

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Thank you reallyfedup123 - I am prepared to allow a consideration of 5 or 6 pounds in weight increase with age but not more than that . Age is no excuse to let go of ourselves atleast it won't be on my watch. I shared my test results and concerns with respect for the people on this forum who have a lot of knowledge about thyroid hormones and was wondering if weight gain is a symptom of low thyroid function ( my TSH read 2.7 ) . I guess that should matter for people in their 20s and 30s right? !


Tsh alone is inadequate to really asses thyroid function you need fret4 and freet3 too

Its not a matter of letting go of ourselves i deal with 2/3acre garden but short of totally starving myself i simply cannot shift the weight and i do not have a thyroid problem unlike husband daughter and grandaughters i am just realistic that at 72 my body will not again be a size 10 no matter what i do ...years ago i could eat like a horse and not put on a pound now its different i eat like a bird


Thank you for your reply. Appreciate it . Yes its t4 t3 antibodies etc that have to be tested . - will be booking for the same . Guess with age everything slows down :)


I would say that your TSH is too high. It should be around 1 or below. I think you need an increase.

Unexplained weight gain is a clinical symptom of hypo.

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I am going to book for a full thyroid test and will take it from there . I take no medication whatsoever not even supplements . Thank you Shaws.


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