Hyperthyroid and depression

Hello, so I was diagnosed with over active thyroid about 5 months ago. Finally got an appointment with endocrinologist, who did more blood work and scheduled a thyroid uptake test. The thyroid uptake test came back normal, which seemed to confuse my doctor, but she said thyroid problems fluctuate. So now we are basically at a stand still, and in the meantime I'm freaking out. Around the time I took the uptake test I was feeling good, and stupidly thought maybe they misdiagnosed me and I'm actually fine. Well then it all came back. Horrible anxiety, difficulty sleeping, it feels like my body is being ripped apart when my anxiety is at it's worst. Doctor gave me beta blockers and Ativan, which barely helps. I'm curious if anti depressants would work ? If just to get me through until they actually diagnose my correctly. I had been in anti depressants for a long time, but got off of them about 5 years ago. I always thought about going back on them, but thought I should wait until my endocrinologist figures out wth is wrong with me. Any one have any experience with anti depressants helping the depression part of thyroid problems?

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Clementine, are you on Carbimazole?

No they haven't started me on any thyroid medication yet. Since my results have been inconsistent. They did give me beta blockers and some anti anxiety Meds

Clementine, If the anti-anxiety meds aren't helping then ask for something else. SSRI's like Sertraline are antidepressants but are also prescribed for anxiety. Thyroid playing fast and loose can cause considerable anxiety and depression. Sometimes the thyroid has bursts of hyperactivity prior to failing and becoming hypothyroid and will be difficult to treat until it is clearly hyperthyroid or hypothyroid.

If you can, wait until they diagnose you properly as other meds could interfere with your thyroid - it's surprising what does when you start reading up on it!

Have you been taking your temperate and pulse in a morning before you get out of bed? That's a good indicator whether you have a thyroid problem?

Hope you get sorted soon x

It's another case of doctors treating symptoms and not the cause!

Try and see another doctor and get more tests repeated. Have you had thyroid antibodies tested? Hopefully someone on here who has had a similar problem will help.

Meanwhile read up on as much information as you can on thyroiduk.org

Sending you my sympathy



The doctor says hyperthyroid but hasn't given me medication yet due to my thyroid uptake scan being normal, had more blood drawn yesterday so we will see where my numbers are. Yes I had antibodies tested, everything points to hyper. The anxiety Meds work when I'm having an anxiety attack, but they are not to be taking everyday. I'm looking for something I can take everyday to manage depression and anxiety. So anti depressants is something I'm hoping will work, if even just temporarily until they fix my thyroid problem. Is there anyone who has a thyroid problem who is also on anti depressants?

Lots of people on this forum have been on antidepressants, but usually if they are hypothyroid. Doctors are often much happier to prescribe antidepressants than to properly treat hypothyroidism, which leaves people prone to depression. Do you know which type of thyroid antibodies you have? There are 2 or 3 types - Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb), Thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb), and Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody (TRAb). The first two tend to result in hypothyroidism (but might send you briefly hyper to start with) and the third one results in hyperthyroidism.

So I'm looking at my test results, and it says THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES, and the number is 5. I'm not sure what that means.

It depends on the range!

Antibody tests have hugely varying ranges so it is vital to know the range before passing comment.

I am on the waiting list to see an endocrinologist for a month now.

I cannot wait that long and will ask for a private consultation, however much it costs.

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