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Adrenal treatment

can anyone tell me if they have made a steady recovery from adrenal Fatique with any adrenal cortex other than Adrenavive.?

As I'm a very sensitive person and didn't get on with Adrenavive ! I felt very unwell on it and very nauseous! I'm now taking Thorne Adrenal Cortex as I was told this is the most gentle cortex. But would love to know if others got along steadily with anything else? Just want reassurance really ,as it's such a long, lousy road to travel ?

Thanks very much !!!!!!!

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I have used Dr Wison's Adrenal Rebuilder, you can buy it in the UK but it's pretty expensive now as it comes in from the US.


Hi MoAr

The Adrenal Rebuilder apparently has the hormones removed. It also contains extracts of cortex, pituitary and hypothalamus. How did you get on with it and how long were you on it? I am currently taking Adrenavive but am curious about the Adrenal Rebuilder.


Thanks ,

How did you get on with it and is it expensive? Also was it comfortable . I'm quite sensitive to a lot of meds .


Hi C70rol and mischa,

I was on it for over 18 months following the full Dr Wilson’s programme for severe adrenal fatigue. I started on very high dosages as per - and gradually tapered off. I was fine on it and slowly felt better and got my energy back but I’m not particularly sensitive to meds.


I have managed to recover from adrenal fatigue.

I have never been able to tolerate any adrenal supplement containing adrenaline (which all adrenal extracts do). I do very well on adrenal cortex, however. I currently use the brand American Biologics which I like very much, but I have taken Nutri-Meds ACE in the past and liked that very much as well.


Was there anything to choose between them. In other words which one would you recommend?


I have been on American Biologics now for over a year, and if I had to pick one, that would be it.


Apart from adrenavive, I also use ashwagandha at night. This has allowed my adrenals to strengthen enough so I can raise my dose. If you haven't tried it I would seriously consider.


Thanks hoalarg , I do have Ashwaghanda, but in the afternoon. Do you really think it makes a difference to the adrenals if taken at night ?


It's possible. It's tough to go through it. I take a lot of adrenavive iii, three a day. Things are feeling a bit better for me but it's taken months.


May I ask how many months?

I think my adrenals were slowly going down for a few months and then in August started to have hypo symptoms and couldn't stand the high temps, but blood test said all o.k. So then had adrenals test, and that was conclusive. So I'm slowly trying to claw my way to health again. I think there's a little improvement, but there's such a long way to go !


I have been working at it since March with adrenavive but only a few months with ashwaganda. Before that took up to 12 ace thorne a day but became too expensive for me.


I'm sorry to contact again, but can I ask if taking the ashwghanda at night improved your sleep, as I find the sleep disturbance and lack of sleep doesn't help the low adrenal problem !!??


That's fine, ask away, glad to help. In fact it did help me. Was one of the main reasons for taking it at night.


May I ask what adrenal symptoms you had?


Hi Jeppy, palpitations at night, very very low energy, heavy head everyday, headaches. Low and tearful at times. Some anxiety. Difference in BP from sitting to standing and probably a few more.


Thanks lots

Yes. I have the profile pretty much! It's the low low depth I can feel that is the unbearable

It's how to heal it is the next boggy


B I g g y!!'

I know nothing about it !

I had the four saliva test

First in range low

second high

third in range

fourth at night high!?

Any thoughts very welcomed sincerely

I get so low it's unbearable but blamed thyroid at five

J x


Hi Jeppy,

I too blamed thyroid at first and so delayed getting the adrenals test done .

i couldn't analyse your results as i don't have enough knowledge. But I think you should put up your own post and quote your results and ranges or even copy in the results sheet. I'm sure you'll get some help.!

I also am very low and I hate it. But that's all because the thyroid meds aren't doing their job, because of the weak adrenals .

I wish you all the best, take care of yourself. I think this is a lonely journey !


Thanks so much

I wrote you and list it!!

Yes it's lonely rd o wish I didn't have to put face on so much as wearing isn't it?

May I ask your tsh

Mine never do bad anyway anc t4 and t3 weren't dyer so think adrenal ( after long stresses) is way to go!!!

Don't know where to start I may buy nutri as good firm

Please keep on touch Any time you aren't alone

Il leg u l or if Hav success at all



My thyroid figures were good so this is why I had to look at adrenals..TSH 0.05..

.t4 18.1(12-22).....t3 5.5(3.1-6.8). So my blood results were good, yet I had Hypo symptoms, this is why I got my adrenals tested. I used a company called Regenerous, why seemed the most reasonable and were very helpful and said they did a lot of thyroid UK members. After I got my results someone on HU commented on them for me though it was quite obvious where the problems were. Then I started on Thorne Adrenal Cortex ,as I knew it was good, gentle and not expensive.


Thanks for message

Are you feeling a bit t better / different?

So helpful

Do the thyroid section help with adrenals ( daft question) I must have been unlucky as didn't get replies il try again

Unsure what products to use - x


when you say low,are you saying you get really depressed?


Well yes, everything is low, ie the best way I can describe it is , you have very poor energy, depression, anxiety, poor sleep, headaches. In fact life generally feels like a massive effort and you can feel exhausted so easily , even socialising.


I am using ashwaghanda & rhodiola alongside NDT.Have just bought some Thorne's adrenal cortex & glad to hear its gentle & adrenalin -free.

I have very low energy & my joints are weak & painful.My anxiety & depression got so bad I have been using ADs for 6 months.Now in the process of weaning off & replacing with adaptogens,which didn't help when I was extremely anxious & depressed.


What's AD's ?

I have taken Ashwaghanda for a while and it suits me.

Since my thyroid has been down due to the adrenal Fatique I have also had some muscle and joint pain.

One new thing which I was recommended by Dr P was to take a licorice/ginseng tincture . ApparentLy the licorice helps regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, an intricate relationship between glands that help regulate hormones ! - So I'm going to give it a go.


ADs are anti depressants.I have been using a very low dose of one that appears to work well with T3.It has been a fantastic help.For instance,I am enjoying reading again for the first time since 2012.My ability to concentrate & enjoy reading again is miraculous for me.Now its time to move on to adaptogens.I am finding ashwagandha & rhodiola helpful & am looking into holy basil.I prefer Siberian ginseng.Asian ginseng makes me jittery.


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