Adrenavive III for adrenal fatigue?

Has anyone tried Adrenavive III instead of Nutri-Meds adrenal cortex 250 mg? The UK company that I have been ordering from told me that Adrenavive is about half the cost of Nutri-Meds, and recommended I give it a try, but Nutri-Meds has been working so well that I would really hesitate to switch brands...this is why I am curious if anyone else has tried Adrenavive III with good results? Even if the active ingredients are the same, that does not mean that fillers we've seen many times when it comes to NDT drugs with different fillers.

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  • Hi Anna - I don't know the answer to your question, but I was wondering the same thing. I, too, have had that letter/leaflet from the company I normally get the Nutri-Meds adrenal cortex from. I'm going to give the new one a try but I don't know if it will be any good.

  • Will you please report your experience here?

  • I will, Anna. But it might be a while before I try it as I still have quite a bit of the Nutri-Meds left. I'm going to get some before the end of Dec with the money off coupon they've sent but it will be in the New Year before I start them.

    By the way, I was wondering about fillers too. Take a look on the leaflet - I'm sure it looked like the ingredients were all natural with no nasty stuff in them. I think they *should* be much the same (only cheaper).

  • Yes, that is what the seller claims!

  • Quite! I guess we don't know for sure until we try it. :-/

  • It's not about half the cost, as there are only 90 in a bottle as opposed to 120 for Nutri-meds. I think it works out about a pound cheaper for 120. I'm going to try it as it ought to be the same (same ingredients) and nutri-meds is hard to get at the moment and they are giving a huge discount currently.

  • True, I just saw that there are fewer capsules in each bottle...

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