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Adrenal Supplements - Depression

I've switched from 100mg to 500mg of adrenal cortex supplements such as Adrenavive III but it seems to bring on feelings of depression/sadness which clears up 3-4 hours later after each dose. I take 250mg with breakfast and another 250mg with lunch. My body temperature increases after I have took them. My lips sometimes quiver slightly and I feel a little jittery inside. I've only been at this dose for 1 week. Just wondering if anyone else has felt like this from taking adrenal supplements or HC?

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Could be too much (or not enough!). I only take them in the am before breakfast and only two on a bad day (usually just one). Before taking them I had low normal cortisol all day - right pattern, but bottom end of range. Should take before food, not with it.

How's your Free T3 and B12? Those are very important for mood, appetite and general well-being


My Free T3 could do with improving but I'm working on the adrenals first. I might add 10mg when things improve and follow the CT3M but will try to figure this stuff out first. I did try bio identical HC on an empty stomach and it made me feel sick, I have acid reflux but I'll try the adrenal cortex on it's own and see how that goes. My fatigue has definitely improved on the higher dose. I read about really good responses to HC for mood and sleep as I was hoping for something similar with the adrenavive but it's only been a week or so. I take a B complex supp so B12 is usually good. Thanks


It took me many years to stop getting low cortisol symptoms - I used to end up lying on the ground with a blinding headache and backache plus vomiting whenever I over did things. And I had enough internal shaking and hand tremor for doc to think I was hyper (which I definitely wasn't). Patience, rest and meditation were the main things that helped - even more than supplements, although my DHEA prescription made a huge difference.


I've read mixed reports on DHEA some say it made their cortisol levels go lower or caused anxiety. I tried ordering DHEA from the US but they cancelled the order. do their own range of DHEA which is legal in the UK


I have mine on prescription from endo. I didn't find the Biovea ones (or cream) much good. I used to get it from QHI in the Bahamas (or somewhere like that).

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Update* I have now started taking my adrenal supps on an empty stomach as per As Angel of the North's post and am no longer feeling depressed after taking them. It seems that food was somehow causing a negative reaction. Thanks to people sharing I'm always learning new things on this forum.


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