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Betrayal - Episode 2

Everything you eat or drink except water is either inflammatory or antiinflammatory. The gut lining is only one cell thick and the immune system is activated when food leaks through. Also the nutrients are lost and you will see how devastating this can be. You can have food that will give you energy but not the vital nutrients to perform the necessary chemical reactions making it useful.

Gluten is inherently inflammatory, it damages the lining of the gut and it feeds the wrong bacteria. Consider going gluten free for three days. In that little time you may see a difference. One month would be a better test but continuing with leaky gut will only become worse with more symptoms.

Early signs of leaky gut are bloating and gas, fast or slow transit time which is constipation or diarrhea or undigested food in toilet. If you don't know you can eat two ears of corn and check for the residue in the toilet for two days. Too fast or too slow digestion will show up. The upshot is the development of endotoxins.

Inflammation actually uses up your nutrients as in methyl donors, glutathione, taurine, glycine, etc. The importance of stomach acid cannot be exaggerated. A pH of 1.5 is necessary and if you taking acid inhibitors you can raise that to a pH of 5.0 which is the same as vinegar. High acid can dissolve a steak but what happens when you put a steak in vinegar??? Digestive enzymes and/or HCL may be necessary to break down nutrients and even the supplements you take.

Clues for insufficiencies may include B12 - fatigue, no detoxing, headaches, odor intolerance, tingling hands or feet.

For magnesium which is very common - eye twitches, lactic acid build up which causes cramps and muscle pain.

So inflammation uses up your proteins and minerals which causes a break down of muscle tissue. In other words the soldiers fighting inflammation have to use your resources leaving you depleted.

I'm doing a separate post on vitamin d which is so critical and often if you are ill you have very low levels.

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Thanks for sharing the information Heliose. It's helpful that it's in bite size chunks as my brain can't handle much at the moment.

This is making a lot of sense to me though.

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Thank you for sharing, this is so helpful to me x


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