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I've posted here before regarding reflux problems which I have had for many years (since 2000). I've had an endoscopy which showed inflammation of my stomach lining and I've been on Omeprazole off n on since then. All this before thyroid issues & TT a year ago.

A couple of times the reflux really plays up.

Mine problem has always been too much acid so I don't understand why, with being hypo and with parathyroid problems too, many say the problem is not enough acid causing reflux. How can this be?

I'm due another endoscopy shortly to see if I have an ulcer. I'm under a lot of stress at the moment so that may be causing anxiety and a flare up of reflux.

Any help explaining low/high acid appreciated. I can't take apple cider vinegar as anything like that burns my stomach lining. I've just gone gluten free ( 1 week) to see if that helps.

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  • Most hypos have low stomach acid. The problem isn't with your stomach acid, but with loose sphincters that don't hold the stomach contents in. It seems tendons, ligaments, sphincters, etc. all become loose when hypo. Omeprazole lowers stomach acid, so it could be making you worse. You might find this explanation helpful:

  • Diagnosed with HypoT last week after years of problems but felt really ill for last 12-18 mths. Reflux has been one of those issues. Omeprazole and Ranitidine do not help at all. I now stick to dry cream crackers!! I am discovering that so many of the things that have been happening to me may well be Thyroid linked -and I am not mad or a hypochondriac after all!

  • I'm assuming you've had your kidney function tested. (Creatinine, BUN, etc.) Hypo adversely affects kidneys as well but aside from that, if kidney function is not good, it results in excess stomach acid. (but you'd be on ACE inhibitors by now as well because of high blood pressure, tend to have anemia not because of low iron intake but low EPO output from the kidneys...etc.) If you were hyper for a long time, even mildly, it will adversely affect not only heart but also kidneys.

    (I learned all this from having cats with health problems. But it's exactly the same as humans.)

  • I have low acid due to coeliac disease which causes problems with the food breakdown which in turn causes regurgitation = reflux. I went to a herbalist as omeprazole gave no relief. I was put on slippery elm tsp in water twice a day with good results.

  • Hi I have the same I'm on painkillers after s foot opp which is making it worse do u have a hiatus hernia? I have I believe this is the cause I'm taking omeprazol at the moment to try and help but I'm also confused


    Lots of earlier posts - maybe something there to help :-)

    Good levels of stomach acid are needed to break down proteins - when the acid is low the protein and other foods remain in the stomach for longer and can ferment. This can often be the cause of the reflux as the fermentation bubbles upwards ....

  • My acid reflux cleared up when I started taking Nutrigest before each meal. But I did the stomach acid test and saw that there was a delay between swigging back a glass of water with baking powder and burping afterwards. This meant I had low stomach acid and Dr P suggested Nutrigest. If you know definitely that you don't have low stomach acid this might not be relevant to you.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. Can you buy Nutrigest over the counter in UK? Do health food stores have it?

  • I'm going to ask my Endo about high/low stomach acid. I always thought mine was high. Made worse by stress & fatty foods. I will try baking soda test. Should this be between meals mstp?

  • If you are still taking Omeprazole the test is useless, then you have low acid because of supressing it.

    If you're not you can take 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in 1 cup of water. Take this first thing in the morning. Sip it and get a stopwatch to see how long it takes to burp. Longer than 3 minutes is low-normal acid, longer than 5 minutes is low acid.

  • HI

    I was on omeprazole and ranitidine for years and had several dual antibiotic doses or helicobacter pylori.

    Still suffering terrible heartburn and worsened reflux in last 2 years.

    Recently given lansoprozole 30mg. I love this pill!!! Not one days heartburn or reflux since starting them 2 months ago

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