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Help reading my result

I had results from thyroid test back and they are

TSH 2.35

T4 13.1

From reading the Thyroid Uk website the tsh is high and T4 low so my thyroid is struggling - is that right?

My doctor said I was fine but my last TSH reading was 1.7 six months ago.

I asked about my iron levels as I struggle to get enough as I have PA but they hadn’t done those tests so going back in the week for this.



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Have you been diagnosed with hypothyroidism?

In the UK doctors have been directed not to diagnosed hypothyroidism until the TSH is 10. In other countries diagnosis is made above 3. Some doctors will diagnose if TSH is above the range (usually around 5) in UK with clinical symptoms.

When you give results also put the ranges. These are figures in brackets after the resuts. The reason being that machines differ when testing blood and so are ranges. Members can only respond when ranges are given.

You should ask GP for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. (I realise you have PA) but deficiences in these can also cause clinical symptoms.

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You say, in your last post, that you were diagnosed hypo 18 years ago. But, nowhere can I find that you tell us what you're taking nor how much.

'From reading the Thyroid Uk website the tsh is high and T4 low so my thyroid is struggling - is that right?'

Well, no, if you've been on thyroid hormone replacement for 18 years, your thyroid is long past struggling. What it means is that your dose is too low, and you need an increase. It's not just the fact of taking THR that makes you well, it's taking enough. Even six months ago, you weren't taking enough, because your TSH was 1.7, and should be one or under.

PA is low vit B12, not iron.


My last reading before was 24/03/2017 TSH 1.7 T4 13.6 and I have been taking 125mg for 18 months - prior to that I was on 150mg for about 2 year and 175mg for 2 years before that so they have been systematically reducing my dose over the last 6 years - my previous results below

17/06/2011 TSH 0.178 T4 20.08;

19/07/2011 TSH 0.041 T4 24.25;

04/09/2012TSH 0.178 T4 21.88;

03/05/2013TSH 0.064 T4 24.12;

31/05/2014TSH 0.562 T4 19.11;

26/10/2014TSH 0.14 T4 19.8;

19/02/2015TSH 1.79 T4 14.3

23/32016 TSH 1.5 T4 13.1

They left me alone until March thus year.

I’m trying to take a more proactive role in my medication and this confirms what I’ve been feeling for the last year (foggy in the head etc).

I also have a low rating heart rate but not sure if this is related to thyroid or not.

Thanks re PA - Mixing up my illnesses 😩



So, they're gradually making you more and more hypo. Any particular reason why? Do you protest about these reductions? Because silence is taken as agreement. They should not be dictating to you, but discussing your treatment with you, and obtaining informed consent.

It's time for you to start insisting you need an increase! 2.35 is much too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement. It should be one or under. Low heart rate is most certainly a hypo symptom!


Thanks Greygoose! I have been too complicit and thought they knew what they were on about but since joining this group I have come to understand more my own illness so am going to take control.

I’m seeing the drs again next week as I am having a 24hr ecg done so will bring this up with him.


Sounds like a plan. :)

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