can anyone help me with my latest blood results i,m confused?

Hi everyone i requested a blood test because i was feeling really not well, usual hypo symptoms my bloods came back and all they said was t4 was 12.5 and tsh was 7.27, i understand the tsh is a little high but is the t4 to high i would have thought i high reading of t4 indicated hyper thyroid i,m so confused with this reading can anyone help me id appreciate it very much :)

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  • I don't think the t4 is high, but you need the laboratory ranges to make any real judgement. Do you have those?

  • hi harrye, thanks so much for your reply, no i was given the results over the phone and i asked for all the results and all the receptionist could tell me was that the t4 which i presume she means total t4 was 12.5 and the tsh was 7.27 and that i had to go back in two weeks for a repeat of kidney function and in 8 weeks for repeat thyroid bloods, wheni asked about free t4 and t3 she didnt know what i was on about so i,ll make an apointment to see doc

  • Total t4 on my testing has a range of 58-154 so I think yours is likely to be free t4, and my range for that is 10-22. These are from private Genova tests. So on that basis, your t4 is in range but low, when mine was 13 I felt terrible!

  • aww see this is where i was getting confused as there were sites saying anything over 12 indicated hyperthyroid so that helps a bit thank you, yeah i feel totally run down just now i,m on liothyronine and they are great but i think i need a bit more each day i take it in the morning and feel okay until tea time ish then its like a major drop in energy etc although compared to taking levo i do much better levo didnt work at all for me

  • If you're taking t3, then really testing without looking at free t3 is pretty useless. And t3 usually suppresses your TSH, so there is a possibility you are under medicated.

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  • thank you very much harrye youve been a great help yeah i will go to docs and get the results from him as its not really good getting bits of results over the phone thanks again

  • :-)

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