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Overseas Purchase of T3 with a private prescription


HI I have spent a fair amount obtaining a private prescription from my endocrinologist who suggested combined therapy of Levo plus T3 but pharmacies in uk have quoted me nearly £500 for 3 months worth which i can afford on a regular basis!

Does anyone recommend a legit overseas online pharmacy that requires prescription and sends to UK (don't trust the bodybuilders and weightless sites ) and would like the peace of mind of legit purchase.

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There are some recommended pharmacies in Europe for those with a private prescription in the comments: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

Look at the STTM site they have lists of all meds what the differences are and best place to get them

Vixendu in reply to Pooley66

Hi thanks I know the site well but no mention of t3 suppliers overseas it's more the ndt stuff. U.K. Suppliers are too expensive.

Don't everyone panic.... This is a drugstore (universal) that DOES require a prescription (you just scan/copy it into your printer ... then after you have ordered your product and paid for it, you send a copy as an attachment on an email to the company) and they are reputable. Don't know if the price is competitive or not. There may be other legitimate Canadian pharmacies that carry this medication and they also will require a prescription. Look for the Canadian certification seal.



You could try Goldpharma in Germany - they insist on a prescription but cost a lot less than pharmacies in the UK. The advantage of Germany is that some of their T3 pills are 20mcg, which is what your doctor has probably prescribed. Many overseas pharmacies provide 25mcg tablets and your prescription would not be accepted under those circumstances.


You can order 20mcg Thybon from versandapo.de/en/0/7498960/...

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