Getting T3 online with private prescription

Hi, i am hoping someone would be able to advise me please. I have recently visited a private endocrinologist who prescribed me with t3. I have tried to get this in the UK where I am based but one pharmacy quoted me £1854.05 and the others weren't much better! I am trying to find a genuine source online that delivers to the UK so wondered if anyone would be able to pm me if they have an online pharmacy they use and trust? any advise would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


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  • Lu32,

    How much T3 have you been prescribed?

  • Hi, thanks you for your reply. I've been prescribed 20mcg twice daily (I have spoken to my endocrinologist about prescribing 25mcg as 20mcg tablets don't seem widely available but he was not happy to do that).

  • Lu32,

    Disobliging so and so :( I think Thybon Henning (German T3) is 20mcg. You can use your prescription to order it from the manufacturer (Google details) or use one of the online pharmacies in the link below.

    You can also order Greek and Turkish 25mcg T3 without prescription. Send me a private message if you require sources.

  • I know! That's great thank you so much for your advice. I'll pm you now as well. Thanks again

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