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Hi all, I've posted before but not for quite a while. Latest blood results are as follows; T4 12.2 (range 12.00-22.00) T3 4.3 (range 3.10-6.80 TSH 0.04 (range 0.27 -4.20).

I take 100 mg thyroxine 4 days a week, 125mg 3 days a week.

Also take T3, 12.5mg in the morning and 6.25 in the afternoon (when I remember)

I suspect that my body doesn't convert the T4 into T3, hence taking the T3.

I've been rather lax in taking my vits lately. Taking B12 and multi vits. I know I need to be more disciplined in my meds!

What do you think about my results?

I do get quite tired, I'm 57 and do a physical job. My sleep isn't great. Help!

Thank you

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It's only possible to tell whether conversion is good or poor when seeing results on Levothyroxine only.

TSH is low-normal, FT4 low-normal which is common when taking T3 direct, and FT3 is low-normal. If you are tired try remembering to take the afternoon dose of T3 to raise FT3 or raise your morning dose to 18.75mcg.

Have you had ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested? If they are low, which can cause fatigue, a multi vit is unlikely to be much help.


Thanks clutter. I did have all those things tested a couple if years ago. Will look into it.


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