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Advice on Blood results - Add more T3?

Still just don't quite feel right on Levo & T3 combo. Hard to put my finger on it. Tired & headachey. I am on 100mg of T4 (skipping 2 days a week so about 71mg) and 12.5mg of T3 (half a 25mcg tiromel) daily. My latest blood results are:

TSH 0.2 (0.2-6)

FT4 13.7 (10-20)

FT3 3.9 (3.5-7)

Before I started T3 I was just taking 100mg of Levo and previous Feb blood results were:

TSH 0.53 (0.27-4.2)

FT4 22.46 (12-22)

FT3 3.9(3.1-6.8) .

I think the T4 was just pooling as Im a rubbish converter despite all Vits & mins being optimally at top of range or over.

Seriously considering biting the bullet and going back on Nature Throid as I felt ace in hindsight. Oh, it's a wonderful thing!

In the meantime what would we suggest? Adding a bit more T3?

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The recommendation, I have read, when taking a combination is 3 T4 to 1 T3. If you allow a decent trial and I think if we take account of how 'we feel' is best.


Really not feeling great so I def haven't got it right. Would you recommend taking a whole 25mcg tiromel then and seeing how that goes? I suppose the ratio would then be better? 75:25 so 3:1? Is 12.5 to 25 too big a jump? Although I have to say don't feel anywhere near over medicated. Might give me the jump start I need?



You say your a rubbish converter, so have you had iron and cortisol checked out? T3 is a tricky devil to dose, so mixing it with Levo is making it harder. If you didn't feel good on t4 only then maybe you could do t3 only. I resorted to t3 about 12 months ago & not optimal yet due to cortisol issues but a lot better. It's hard work and I measure vitals 6 x per day along with recording symptoms to use "recovering with t3 protocol".

Val x


It is, Val. Struggling to get it right. I have got a few issues with Iron too at the moment. which I'm going to put in a diff post. Would love to hear about your T3 only endeavours. Might be the way to go! Will PM you about coffee (or peppermint tea, rather, as I'm off coffee at the moment to try and sort out the adrenals/cortisol!!). x



I think you reduced Levothyroxine too much. Try 75/100mcg alternate days or add another 6.25mcg T3.


I think i'm concerned about taking more T4 as it just seems to pool and doesn't seems to raise my T3. Might be a god idea to try 6.25 though. Do you think the whole 25mg would be too much of a jump from 12.5? Just taking into account what Shaw's said about the ration of 3:1?



I really don't get what pooling is. I'm seeing high FT4, low TSH, and low FT3 which indicates poor conversion to me.

I think it would be better to increase by 6.25mcg and increase again in 2-4 weeks if it isn't enough.

I don't think the article says anything about taking T4:T3 in 3:1 ratio. I believe the ratio talked about is that T3 is 3 x stronger than T4. Read it for yourself:

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Wow! I'm learning but would need a degree in molecular biology to make any sense of that one. Thank goodness for the scientists amongst us, like you. By pooling I just mean kind of 'sitting" there and not converting to T3 to be useful. I think 6.25mcg sounds like a good plan starting tomorrow. Its such a delicate dance trying to find the balance. Its almost exhausting & overwhelming. Thanks again. x


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