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Does anyone else have adrenal pain? And do you get any specific treatment for it ..like massage ?

I’d be interested to know if any experiences regarding this it is driving me a little mad. .. it’s just pretty uncomfortable .. am on Adrenavive x3 daily and slowly my low thyroid is stabilising and hopefully will sometime soon be able to increase my NDT from 2 grains and up a little ... bit this pain makes one feel just a little unwell and makes you wonder if you really are getting to t Wright place !

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My sympathy for you and blessings . Adrenal pain is awful . It makes one feel stressed out and one can not function . The first thing till you get help is take Vitamin"C" about 3,000 mg split it three times a day . B-5 about 1500 mg per day split 3x . Celtic Sea Salt a small pinch if you don't have high blood pressure in warm water a few times a day . Now when one wants to raise T3 or NDT adrenal insufficiancy will be unmasked . And it will be very hard to raise anything with T3 in it . Adrenals must heal in order to raise T3 . You must test your adrenal /Cortisol lavels and DHEA it's done via salaiva . Sugar is not good niether is coffeee chocolate they are stimulants . Going to sleep early and getting plenty rest is very important . I highly recommend that you read this very valuable book .

Wishing you speedy recovery .


Wishing you speedy recovery .

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Thanks so much for replying ...

Well , I already take 2000 mgs vit c daily

High quality b complex and a few other things.

I had an adrenal stress profile done top of year..and sure enough, it s all deficient.

I’m doing my own blend of Dr PEATFIELD and Dr Rind...and may go back to dr P for advice on putting WP thyroid thing is, my temperatures are beginning to get more stable..having been everywhere...they are mostly 35.9 say to 36 .1/2/3....so I understand this is what we’re looking for in order to try and successsfully raise thyroid medication.

I only get this adrenal pain evening and at night. I have plenty of bad back issues..but this is different...Dr P said it is my adrenals..and I think it is..it’s not like anything else.

Thanks so much again for your interest...



Are you sure you don't have a kidney problem? I would have thought that awas more likely to cause pain in that area


Well I never thought of it....I don’t know...it’s possible I guess..will see ho it goes...thanks for replying anyway.


When my adrenals were really bad I used to get back pain plus stomach pain with dizziness, headache and nausea, but not at the same time each day (usually after doing something physical) and it wiped me out completely - I'd have to lie on the ground for hours.


I get adrenal pain regularly in my left side, I had lithotripsy for a kidney stone about 23 years ago & I am pretty sure they zapped my adrenal gland & that’s where it all started! I don’t think massage will help, perhaps once you are optimal the pain will ease. I am currently on the full dose of Adrenavive III & Thorne along with Armour & a small amount of T3 but not sure that my adrenals are well enough supported. Not feeling optimal yet but gathering as much info as possible, the Rt3 adrenals yahoo group is good & informative like this group.


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