Adrenal test

Hello wonderful people.

My question today is should I get an adrenal test done?

I've been doing quite well on an increased dose of levo, & actually felt good for once. I have continuing problems with pain in my shoulder, which had gotten a little better following a steroid injection & physio.

But for the last couple of weeks, I've been irritable, unable to sleep & the pain in my shoulder has come back with a vengeance. Just the smallest of things trigger an aggressive response & my energy dips again in the afternoon.

So do you think I should get bloods tested or adrenals or both?

Since my meltdown earlier in the year, I'm afraid it will happen again & it's always in the back of my mind

Any thoughts welcome

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  • I'd get a blood test as you might need an increase in thyroid hormones. Usually, when we've had a good period then symptoms come along it usually points to an increase being required - not the GP denying increase if TSH is 'normal'. Ask for a FT3 test (probably wont) as I think too little can cause pain as well.

    When we're not in full health we do feel vulnerable and cautious that awful symptoms/pain will return.

    (I am not medically qualified).

  • Thanks shaws im off to doc this morning, I will ask -luckily they do ft3!

  • Check your vitamin d level

  • Ive been taking vit D for about a month now as blood test said it was low. I thought it was this that had taken some of the pain away... but now the pains back...?

  • I am finding it is taking longer than that....I have now been on high dose since end on June and a long way from "fixed" yet.

  • Had the steroid injection, but in a different place!!!! .Dr seems to think I have two things going on - feels much better now. He also agreed to bloods being taken. So I'll see where I am with those soon.

    Been to see a therapist & starting yoga next week. Still taking the vit d, trying to do the excersises from physio & keeping my fingers crossed that the pain will ease 😊

    Thanks for your support 👍

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