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Adrenal / kidney area pain

Hi all

Been suffering with hypo symptoms now for some months (see previous posts) and got another blood test from Blue Horizons coming with a Drs appt at the end of the month (new doctor). My symptoms seem to be growing by the day - this morning I had a temperature of 34.9 celsius and my heart rate is regularly under 50 bpm. However I have an odd pain that seems to be getting worse and that is a pain in my kidney area. It's a dull sort of ache which comes and goes throughout the day, particularly on my left side but also on my right. I understand this is also where my adrenal glands are. Could my issues not be hypo related but adrenal related? I've tried to look for articles where other people report this sort of pain but not come across any apart from kidney stones. Anyone heard of this before or experience it? It's getting worse and is now daily. Thanks. Steve

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You might have a kidney infection. Make an appointment to see your GP as you may need antibiotics. I'm not aware that adrenal insufficiency causes the pain you have described.

Post your BH results and ranges in a new question and members will advise.


I don't think it is having read the symptoms. This has been ongoing for weeks, gradually getting worse



If it's been going on for weeks and is getting worse you should see your GP as soon as possible.


I have experienced extreme sharp pain in kidneys/adrenals. Like a hot needle - very intense and pinpoint pain, same each side.

But when first started was slightly more on right than left. Can also feel a bit like a tight band across my lower back, with two points of specific pain where kidneys adrenals are.

I was investigated for variety of possible causes including pheocromocytoma, ACTH, pituitary tumour etc - all negative

For me, going on to propranolol to reduce demand on adrenals helped (propranolol blocks adrenalin), but it also has other less desirable effects including slowing conversion of T4 to T3, and lowers Parathyroid hormone too.

Initially adrenal pain occurred as I had to increase Levo beyond dose I could tolerate. I suspect it was caused by adrenal insufficiency - but NHS do not recognised that that exists.

More info on my profile - pre-existing gluten intolerance with low vitamin D was probably causing adrenal exhaustion in my case.

Only just finally realised this year, and now officially recognised.

More recently just experienced a more controlled version of the same pain, each time I have increased my Vit D dose.

Was interested to read Diogenes (thyroid research scientist member on here) has a theory that some of us are almost too good at conversion, making very fine tuning of dose and pacing of activity essential. That certainly describes me well!

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Hi steviep43,

I had a strong pain in my right kidney/adrenal area on 'mother's day' of all days, many years ago. The strong pain over took my concentration levels and all I wanted was heat on my kidney/adrenal area to help relieve the pain, I could think of nothing else, I couldn't even interact with my children who had come to see me on Mothers day. I remember feeling dreadful. Daughter persuaded me to go up to A&E where I was given antibiotics, it didn't clear up so I had to get another antibiotic prescription from my own Doctor. Hospital Doctor said it was probably down to a kidney infection.

This pain has reoccurred on odd occasions, not as bad though, but looking back it might have been connected to my Low thyroid, (I have just realized,) as the pain has not reoccurred for a few years now which also ties in with being treated for Hypo.



I have pain in both of my sides, are you still on this. A dr says I am on my way to hashi.

I had pain from h pylori gastristis. got treatment 6 weeks ago now clear. at that time, went to hosp they suspected kidney infection or kidney stones. did scan no stones. had white and red blood in urine. first day visited a and e only white blood cells in urine, 2 days later red blood, so they did the scan.

GP said wasn't kidney infection. anyway 6 weeks later I felt the pain 2 days after flu injection on Friday past. assumed was side effect from flu jab. Pain went away the next day. Today I have pain in both sides in kidney area. a dull constant pain, that feels like something is swollen, or inflamed or throbbing. not a stabbing or sharp pain. urine smelly this morning and darker, but lighter throughout the day, I am currently monitoring it to see how it progresses. drinking plenty of fluids

are you still on this? what happened with you? I am wondering if this pain is also affecting my antibodie levels and thyroid and helping to cause all my symptoms.


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