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Most helpful website you've found

I have read a lot on the web from so many sources and the the one site I have found that has been both insightful and practical solutions is

Forefront health

Key things I have learnt

Get rid of PUFA period

Carrots very beneficial

Orange juice with just about everything

Need for decent amount of carbs

Coffee essential when dosed as recommended

Avoid estrogen creating food like the plague

Collagen essential - I have just imported some. Hydrolysed beef collagen at ridiculous expense after PO import charges

Coconut oil essential

Web owner is less excited over gluten/dairy free than some - I have done this anyway

There is a load more but being very new to all of this there is only so much you can absorb

Where he differs from the consensus e.g. Over proposing potato and coffee and simple carbs and very supportive of sugar he explains this in great detail

To confirm his backup I have gone back to source articles from ray peat so he stands on

Solid ground in my book

Some of the experts seem to get a lot of publicity but seemingly not this chap - anyone else follow this too?

And no I am not a shareholder !

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It seems like he has some good ideas, but he is also selling a lot of stuff. Overall impression of his site is that I rolled my eyes and moved on...

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