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Thyroid Update

Update: Had an appointment this past Thursday with the Endocrinologist. 1st appt and optimistic. He said there are a couple of reasons why my TSH level and such arent evened out.

1. Not taking my med then waiting an hour to eat, take rest of med after 3 hours.(guilty, I have coffee with creamer within the 1st hour)

2. Mediation: the generic med is not working because each pill can contain 20% higher or lower of the necessary thyroid med. So he put me on Levoxyl 150mcg. I was on 137 mcg of Thyroxine.

There is another reason I can't remember right now.

He is going to get all my past records from my Thyroidectomy(both sides) and from the Endocrinologist. He wants to be complete.

I have to get a sonogram of my neck, now and blood work a week before my next appointment to see what the levels are at.

I like the doctor and he was very caring and kind. He actually gave a damn.

Well, I thought you like to know!


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sounds very knowledgable I live in England and finding a doctor like that is like finding a needle in a haystack.


deficiency of




vit d3

all need checking too and must be at least halfway in their ranges or your body cannot utilise levothyroxine

After thyroidectomy many people find only NDT restores them to health because it contains T1 T2 T3 T4 and calcitonin


I am one of those people, I got my blood tests to look perfect with T3+T4, but didn't feel any better. I'm on NDT now and starting to get better - felt better immediately even on 1.5 grain, which gave me a TSH <100.

But people pop up occasionally who manage onLevothyroxine.


I got alot better on armour levo didnt make alot of difference to me glad youve found a help magic777


YES!!! I am the same, i was on ferratin last year and got my levels up to near normal but its back below the lowest acceptable level again!! AND im low on D too. B12 has been an issue in the past, but i am now on shed loads of supplements and am feeling so much better!! Please ladies do get supplementing. it is life changing, and if you can and can stomach it JUICE every day!!

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Hi Blossom, I too have found B12 a great help.

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Can you recommend vitamin and mineral supplier please


I found are pretty good for blue bonnet chelated iron, betaine or pepsin, methycobalamin b12 and compound vitamin b

But i get vit c from superdrug they often have 3 for 2 deals


Hi my Endocrinologist suggested me taking Levothyroxine at night,before going to sleep and it seems to work better for me. I have Hashimoto Autoimunne Hypothyroidism and I have also Addison's Autoimunne Disease (Primary Adrenalin Insufficiency), i take lots of medication for Addison's, and also taking prescribed supplement of vitamin D and Iron for deficiency in both. So yes, ask to check your full blood count, Iron levels


Yes all my bloods are nomal as i suppliment alot but if i didnt i may not be here i feel very tired now all the time just hoping if i try a bit harder someone will help me again


Normal is not the same as optimal.

You want optimal.

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Really glad you are getting on better sweetheart, I too have had some good news regarding thyroid, I have started to repress it so i have finally after 2 years been given the right dose, Im on 100mcg now and my GP has said i might be overdosing slightly but wont take me off this dose unless I have HYPERthyroid symptoms... so hopefully i will finally be able to lose the extra 5 and a half stone i put on in the time since my thyroid broke. It has been confirmed it was the Pre eclampsia with my son that caused it, as thats when i noticed the weight gain, and it has been proven that pre eclampsia causes hypothyroidism. Im so glad I wasnt imagining the connection xxx (especially as I was super slim before.

Has anyone ever had a weird buzzing noise in their throat when hungry? I know it sounds weird, but i get it all the time since i got ill with this.

Really interested to hear from anyone with a similar experience.

Stay well peeps xxx


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