Found a lovely mercury free dentist

I have just had some mercury filling removed and replaced by white ones by a very careful gentle dentist in Bristol. At my consultation he was very interested in me being on glandulars and told me to treat my adrenals first then my thyroid then my gut then my liver. He is very into alternative medicine and has trained as a naturapath . I didnt find the procedure too bad. Not quite sure how many fillings were done though. He didnt use a dam though offerred that, but used high suction and this little thing that went over each tooth to make sure no mercury escaped. I would definatley recommend if anyone want to have a similar job done or who just needs to find a good dentist.

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  • Wise move, Mandy. I think mercury is not only toxic but draws bacteria which is difficult to prevent. He seems to give good advice as well.

  • What was the cost please, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Most of my fillings have or are going to cost £90, one £120 and a very small one £45. I have joined the practice scheme at £11 a month which has made them cheaper. They also treat my children for free.

  • Could I also have the details please

  • Hi Mandyjane,

    I live near Bristol and would be grateful for his contact details.

    He sounds great.

  • Please pm me this detail too. Thanks for sharing :)

  • Dear Heather. I dont seem to be able to private message you. The website doesnt seem to recognise you. Can you pm me and then I will try to reply

  • Yes and me too re dentist details please MandyJ

    I have been seeing a holistic dental guy in Poole Dorset who is good

    But am about to move to Herefordshire so Bristol would be way

    more accessible. Those rubber dam are horrid so if this man has alternatives

    that would be excellent :-)


  • Can you give me the dentist details or phone number.thanks.

  • Hello :) please can I have the details of your dentist and phone number please - Thank you so much for sharing this :) x

  • Just the person my cousin in Bristol has been desperately seeking - could you please PM me the details too. Thank you for posting this!

  • Hi mandyjane can you please send me info on dentist


  • Hi Mandyjane, please could you send me details too…..many thanks

  • Hiya, please send me details also.. cheers.

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