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Swollen puffy red eye lids

My mom feels run down and has swollen red puffy eye lids. This happened last November she looked awful and she was ill with flu type symptoms which put her in bed for 2 months. GP advised bathe eyes with baby johnsons shampoo and since then she also uses hypromellose 0.3. Had eye pressure test which was fine. Had endo at hos app. Nobody would confirm if it's related to her hypothyroidism. It doesn't appear to be allergic reation. She had dental tooth extraction which she thought knocked her about last November. Also she's complaining of a dumb tingle sensation in upper lip since last year.But now she has eye symptoms again and she's feeling awful again. Has dental exam at birmingham hospital on monday for teeth extractions and lip symptom. Her TSH is high nearly 8 and FT4 13ish. Takes levo 125mg solution at night. Been epileptic 25years Epilim ecgr 200mg. Fultium 3200 calcichew d3. Detailed in a previous advice post. Any ideas if the eye symptoms and feeling awful run down could be auto immune related? Or just a coincidence? I'm always worrying about her. She won't see GP or ask to see endo as it's always no use no diagnosis they contractict things. Do you think the dental hospital will know anything about the lip symptom? Sorry for long post

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Her tooth extraction may have knocked her about, and she may have had flu, but she still needs an increase in dose! Her TSH is way too high - should be one or under. And she looks as if she feels awful, poor love. Her GP wants a good kick up the bum! How can he leave the poor woman like that?

Does she have low calcium? If not, she should not be on calcichew, but pure vit D. The doctors want shooting!

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Hi thanks again for reply and so quick.

I agree with you seems like flu and run down after dentist last year but now she's like it again.

I think she has had calcichew since 2009 she has osteoporosis ostepernia from the epilim tabs. Compound leg fracture pins plates. 22 years ago.

You have helped me recently. I have asked endo for vit results months ago asked again other week still waiting for a copy. GP won't access hospital results.

GP keeping her on calcichew and fultium 3200 as july test result still under 25.

I've bought her selenium and probiotic tabs yesterday. Advised go gluten free.

Last year i bought her vit c pick up syrup thinking maybe buy it today. Her immune system must be low under attack.

Should i go to boots ask pharmacist for advice?

Should i email her endo for full breakdown of vit results back in july clinic ? For you to look over find out if she needs supplements

Thanks for your time messaging

You are our best advisors

I've not got faith in GP or the endo consultant. She put in clinic vit levels normal no action only action for GP to address vit D. GP made no change to fultium strength last week appointment. Been on fultium 14 months or so.


She urgently needs an increase in her levo dose, above all things.

Myself, I'm not medically trained, but I do not believe filling people full of calcium supplements is the right way to treat osteoporosis. I would be interested to see her vit D levels. If she takes vit D3, it will raise her absorption of calcium from food, which is the best way to do it. And, to make sure the calcium gets into the bones and teeth, and doesn't build up in the soft tissues, she should take vit K2 - MK7 with it. I also believe that magnesium is more important for bones than calcium, so she should be taking some of that.

But, do post her other nutrient levels - best in a new post - and let's have a look at what's going on. :)

But, above all, get her an increase in levo. Low T3 is the worst thing for her bones, as well as everything else.


Thankyou so much for advice and time.

This thyroid problem has been poorly treated for too many years. I really need to email endo.


If you let them get away with it, they will walk all over you, because they really don't care whether you get well or not. They don't even really believe that hypo is the problem we all know it to be, and that we're all hysterical women, making a fuss about nothing! They will only really do anything if you make a fuss, just to shut you up!

NB I know I'm generalising shamelessly, here, and there are some good doctors. But, even the good doctors - and I had a lovely one - are hopelessly ignorant. We really do have to take charge. :(


I did say to endo in july app her TSH high she said its under 10. I said she needs vitamins to help the levo do its job. My mom leaves things doesn't research puts up with endo GP where i try to challenge them. Unfortunately i didn't find you guys intime. She's suffered since 2012. I agree with you and everyone hear about nhs staff not caring. Its ridiculous we have to do their jobs self treat. I feel sorry for all the vunerable people old people who have no family to help who accept nhs staff poor treatment. The nhs staff work hard well the nurses do but it seems like the consultants and GP's play god messing people around. Contradict and don't like accepting thyroid symptoms. Too quick to put everyone on anti depressants and say we have fibromyalgia. I'm going to send long email ask for printouts for all blood tests. And buy everything you suggest.


It's under ten? So, that's alright, then!!! Honest to god, what do they learn in med school these days? It should be down around one. She is very hypo. She needs a new endo, I think. Or, better still, help self-treating. She couldn't do worse that that ignorant endo!


And people give the QE good reviews.

If only we could afford private healthcare.

I've googled magnesium with epilepsy there seems to be a link.

I've taken magnesium it help my swollen gland jaw ear. TMJ symptoms.

I need a good approach to endo. Think i will ask for results to be posted. Ask to increase another 25mg. Post results here and if you guys see low vit levels i can then kick up a fuss.


How many of those people have thyroid problems? They might be absolutely brilliant in other ways, but most places are lousy with thyroid.

I couldn't go on without my magnesium supplements. So many things improve when I take them. I think I've been magnesium deficient all my life, but when I've mentioned it to doctors, they've laughed at me. Pity I didn't learn to ignore doctors, sooner!

Always a problem to know how to approach endos. I'm afraid I have no advice to give you, there. Your mother's sounds particularly ignorant!


So your GP never tested your magnesium level ?

What brand magnesium do i buy? And what brand vit K ?

I will also contact QE epilepsy department for answers about magnesium and vit K make sure its safe with epilim 200mg but I'm sure it is.

I agree the magnesium helps. My mom eats pretty healthy never eats sugary stuff or crisps. Maybe the epilepsy meds have caused the thyroid hashimoto. Definitely caused the osteo.


No point in testing magnesium levels. It will always be in-range, due to the way the body handles magnesium. But, that doesn't mean you aren't deficient. He just didn't think that magnesium was of the slightest importance.

Can't help you with brands, because I don't live in the UK.

Doesn't matter how healthy your mum eats, she's probably got low stomach acid, due to long-term under-medicated hypo. You are what you absorb, not what you eat. And the majority of people are low in magnesium, hypo or not.

I've never heard of epilepsy meds causing Hashi's. Osteo isn't autoimmune.


Good morning

I will discuss what you and others are saying with mom later. If we can get all the vitamins and gut absorbing right levo increased and it improves her results and symptoms we can say it proves these endos wrong.


Absolutely you can, yes! Sounds like a good plan. :)

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You're poor mum looks so poorly and not surprised with a TSH that high never mind everything else. Are you in the uk? Cos if I was you I'd get private blood tests from medichecks or blue horizon via Thyroid uk website ' and get a clearer picture of lots of what's going on with thyroid, b12 Ferritin Folate and vitamin d as well. Cost is just under £100 but they have special offers regularly. She needs meds increased, needed them increased a long time ago.


Hi Linda

Yes we from near Birmingham

She's under queen Elizabeth hos. Had those tests done july. I need to get full copy of results. Been going to endo for years since 2012 ish. The TSH was under 7 early this year so levo got increased by 25mg and i think her next endo app is January. Maybe i will get GP or email endo to test TSH and FT4 sooner to see if levo can be increased by another 25mg.

Somethings not right her TSH is always over 5 her immune system is poor and the vitamin D not improved on fultium 3200. Maybe T4 not converting?

From what you clever people say the levo won't work if vitamins are low. I can help her buy vits if the endo gives results.

I bought selenium 200mg and probiotic capsules. Is there anything else to help her immune system ?

Should i also buy that K2 or k12 to help the vit D calcium for her osteo bones ?


Have she tried eating yogurt as well to get her probiotics. I have yogurt every day.


Hi Jean

Yes she has natural yoguart most days. Never eats junk food. She's now taking my advice from all of you helpful people here. I will buy vit k and magnesium. Just need those vit results from july to confirm things move forward.


healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... SeasideSusie is THE expert on vitamins and minerals plus lots more, wish I knew how to link to her :( hope this link works if not will try to get back to you later... sorry must go


Thankyou so much

Appreciate everyones time helping


Yes you linked to me fibrolinda :)

Lisajay76 It's K2-MK7 you need to get. I like the softgel type as they have some oil (usually olive oil) to help absorption. Like D3, K2-MK7 is fat soluble so needs to be taken with dietary fat. Have a look at this one, very few ingredients and best value of the decent ones bigvits.co.uk/product.php?p... There is a 60 capsules size if your budget can't stretch at the moment.

Keep D3 away from Levo by 4 hours.


Magnesium depends on which form suits best, see naturalnews.com/046401_magn... If Magnesium Citrate suits then I like Natural Calm Original powder, no other ingredients, and I mix in with orange juice amazon.co.uk/Natural-Vitali...

Keep magnesium away from Levo by at least 4 hours.


For immune system, lots of Vit C, minimum 2000mg in divided doses, as much as you like up to bowel tolerance.

I have to try and avoid infection as I have a lung disease so I take a garlic supplement daily. I use a garlic liquid (Alimed) as it's more bioavailable than other forms.


For the times when your mom does get an infection, have a look at Oil of Oregano, I have it on standby. There is softgel form and liquid. The liquid comes in different strengths, and not the most pleasant thing to take so I prefer the capsules if I think I might be getting a lung infection. Lots of info if you Google, here's one article to start with draxe.com/oregano-oil-benef... and this is where I buy my good quality Oil of Oregano, direct from the producer in Greece and cheaper than buying the same one from a UK supplier ebay.co.uk/itm/Oregano-Oil-...


Shout if there's anything else, bed is calling now!

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Good morning susie

Thank you so much for taking time to send details. If we can get her vitamins absorbing right her immune better and levo increased. The thyroid levels better then we can prove to the endo the levo doesn't work well enough on its own for the last 5 years.


Go and get referred to ophthalmic consultant via Specsave. I had the same swelling of the face and eyelids. The doctors said it was Not Thyroid eye disease categorically. When I eventually saw the ophthalmic consultant he said it most definitely WAS and I

was only a few months away from permanent eye damage.


Hi stef

She had an eye pressure check last November ruled out diabetes. How can the thyroid cause eye damage ?

It's like flu symptoms she gets always had long bouts of it for years


Look up Thyroid eye disease. TED for short. The thyroid can cause lots of weird stuff.

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Ok i will



marin5 here

Could be the fillers in the levothyroxine! So many people have problems with that drug. Ask about it on this website! They have written much about it! good luckto her!


Afternoon marin

Yes she was allergic to all tablets after a couple or so of years of trying she stopped taking them. Eventually I managed to get hospital to listen and had it changed to solution. She seems better in the Teva solution doesn't get face body rash, hot itchy head and face. She swears the tablets made her very unwell with reactions.


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