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Red Mark that suddenly appears between eyes

This is probably not thyroid related, but I thought I'd ask in case someone is able to shed some light into this puzzling phenomenon. My older son has had a red mark appear overnight last night on his forehead, between his eyes. He usually has a painless pressure headache beforehand. It has happened several times recently. The mark usually disappears on its own in a few days. Just a bit of his medical history: He suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and more or less stayed in bed for three years. He slept all day 12-15 hours, staying up at night. He has been better for a year but recently his anxiety has returned and he is quite stressed. He has just turned 20. Here is a link so you can see a picture of a similar mark:



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Tiera, sorry you've had no responses. Feel free to repost your question.


it was a random question. My son now thinks it is from his glasses!


Tiera, Lol :-D


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