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NHS endos in the Royal Free or Whittington Hospitals, any recommendation?

Hello! I just moved to london and I've been referred to an endo in my area and I was wondering if someone has any recommendation for one or another hospital? Any comment about the doctors here? :) Thank you.

Feedback about individual doctors via private messages please in accordance with posting guideline #26.


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Royal Free


Hi there. I have been under the care of Endos Whittington for 2 years - not happy. Is your experience at RF good? As I was thinking of asking my GP to refer me there.

Thanks and best wishes.


thanks both for the answers! :)

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Oh God, yes; i wouldn't go to the Whittington; Royal Free is a very good Hospital in my experience.


Oh thanks so much for that. I have had really mixed experience of the Whittington Endocrinology Dept. I have two daughters with diabetes Type 2 and they have received very good care from the Whit. Then I was diagnosed with Graves and of course (and a little to my surprise) found myself seeing the same team as my daughters! After 2 years of what I can only describe and frustration and nonsense - I have come to realise that whilst they are very experienced and knowledgable about T2 they are just muddling through when it comes to the thyroid. I have made an appointment to go back to my GP and will ask to be rereferred to The Royal Free.

Thanks for your recommendation. It has helped to reaffirm that decision.

All the best and good luck with your thyroid journey too.

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