Any good doctors/endos/private or NHS specialists in West Yorkshire?

I'm struggling to find a medic to help me with my possible thyroid/adrenal problems. I've looked at the list which Louise sent me, but the only private endo mentioned on that in this part of the country has shut up shop (he was working out of York, but that clinic is now closed). There aren't any other sympathetic private consultants in the North of England according to that list.

I was hoping to see Dr P as he has an outreach clinic in Keighley - which is near to me - but, of course, he is still ill and off work so I can't get to see him any time soon.

If anyone can recommend a good doctor or consultant (either private or NHS) in Yorkshire, that would be great. I have access to much of North Yorkshire as well as West Yorkshire. And I could also manage to get to many parts of South Yorkshire and even across into Lancashire (or the Manchester area, perhaps?). I don't know if it's allowed to mention good doctors on here, but if not - and if you know of one in this part of the UK - please just message me. Thanks!

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I see a good NHS Endo at Hull Royal Infirmary. He is on Louise's list. Easy to get to-straight down M62. :-) good luck

Thanks, Wendy - I'll take a look. I've kind of ruled out East Yorks/Humberside before as it isn't always easy to get to from where I am, but it might be possible. Though I'm not sure if I can get my GP to play ball and refer me. Hmmm. I'll have a think. Thanks!

I am off to see an Endo at Harrogate on the 11th Feb. Had good reports from others about this Endo. He is on list. I intend to update Louise after my appointment

Thanks, Stephen, I hadn't noticed one in Harrogate. I can get there fairly easily! Good luck - and I hope he is good!

Hi Caroline, I have had reports that the endo prescribes T3. Whilst my G P recommended T 3 for me, it was research and this web site that helped. I will let you know how I get on

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