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Any NHS Endos do NDT??

I've was diagnosed hypothyroid in 2012 by prof graham Hughes, I have various autoimmune diseases but NOT thyroid antibodies thank god!!

Hate levothyroxine so I got hold of NutriPak grass fed bovine thyroid, which worked!!

My supplier recently changed brands to American Biologics bovine, which I feel isn't very good, and I worry about nasty factory farming in the USA.

I've had symptoms of adrenal crashing, and got some bovine adrenal cortex too, Siberian ginseng.

So worrying about this American brand, I stopped using it and tried half a levo. Felt like I was burning up from inside out. Got pins and needles, joint pain, dizziness, fatigue. Been bed ridden for all day.

I also use methotrexate for my arthritis etc from the lupus unit at guys.

I'd love to find an endo in London uk who can help me, but not too expensive. Any NHS endos who do NDT????


Ps- I've emailed this to ThyroidUK too!!

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I chose bovine as I didn't want to eat pigs. I find this really hard, as I'd like to be vegetarian/Pescatarian. (fish helps my autoimmune disease)

It was six years of high fruit vegan with tons of soya that induced my hypothyroid. nowadays I can't metabolise fructose very well.


FFStar, NDT isn't licensed for UK use so it is very rarely prescribed on the NHS. If you do find a doctor prepared to prescribe NDT it will be one of the American brands such as Armour, NatureThroid, WP or the Canadian Era, all of which are porcine.

ThyroGold is non-prescription and derived from NZ grass fed cows via



I just found out the the American Biologics thyroid is from organically raised cows. That's made me feel a bit better.

I tried this product when my supplier stopped stocking NutriPak....

The first couple days, my heart rate shot up and I had dizzy fainting spells. This never happened with NutriPak NDT!!

So does this mean AB is stronger??!!

I had to break open the caps to half the dose. It was like a caffeine extract heart palpitations rush.

I went and got Nutri Adrenal cortex after that, as the shock made me worry my adrenals had crashed.


I cannot use levothyroxine, makes me feel like my body is on fire. Maybe it clashes with chemo med methotrexate too?


Going to continue with AB thyroid tomorrow. Levo can go in the bin, nasty poison.


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