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Finally, more endos coming out of the closet :D and supporting T3 over here in Finland.

Was just reading a health magazine and they had interviewed very respectful endo. He supported all type of treatments for hypothyroidism. He said like it is ,that there is a group of patients benefitting T3 mono, but was honest and said it is minority. Which is true. But the best thing is that he admitted it! He said these patients must be found and treated.

He also supported NDT and all combination therapies. Yay!

He talked about patients and support groups in very positive way ,and said that support groups helps patients to figure out what could be wrong as many doctors are just clueless. He said that many doctors still believe that thyroid issued are piece of cake and the easiest illness to treat.

He admitted it isn't so and covered up all possible causes why one might fall ill.

I was jumping for joy. You have to understand how small country Finland is. One doctor, like him, can make a huge difference.

The article was very well written , not going over board and simple text.

Now it will be interesting to see what our head of endo's will say about it. As she called T3 doping and forbid any doctor to prescribe it! She has also written the directions of treatment of hashimoto. It is not a disease and does not require treatment. She is quite young woman and these endos coming out of the closet are old men. Quite interesting.

I wonder what kind of battle this will be! :D as she had called T3 as doping. Because of her many patients had to go back T4 mono and start to look for anyone prescribing T3 which has been very very difficult.

I hope more doctors will start to think about their patients wellbeing and stop this nonsense here and now!

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Just wait till she develops hypothyroidism and levo doesn't work for her and she's a dithering wreck, she'll soon change her mind. It's something like 'natural childbirth' - it works for some but not for many who want to have anything to stop the pain. When my first baby was due and went to hospital I also had my book to read - never even opened a page! :)

Saying T3 is doping - she seems to be completely unaware that Mother Nature provides T3 as the active hormone which is required in our cells. Does Big Pharma 'reward' her for prescribing.

Regarding the older doctors, most only had NDT to prescribe for patients and there weren't blood tests then, nor levo.

They've probably followed the 'new' regime but patients were complaining constantly so realised that T4 wasn't the saviour for some patients who only got better on NDT.

So it's like the 'old wive's' tales that used herbs etc to treat ailments and they worked quite often.

Re Hashi's - she is so very wrong - it is recognised as an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease and :-



Maybe she needs to be updated :)

You must be very hopeful now and it is great news for your Country that there is an open-mindedness in treating sick people with dysfunctions of the thyroid gland.


OMG Shaws - I always said having my 2 boys - 2nd at home - both within 2 hrs of being with midwife after waters broke - both without pain relief was like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube!

My b/day is 2nd and the number 2 has so relevance in so much of my life - I now don't know what to think or make of anything any more as far as tour response above - my thyroid and health are concerned :-)

It sounded like good news from Justina - I think she should pm the Dr's name to you - then we call all head over to Finland for our Holidays and prearranged appointments with the doctor in the a Magazine she read -

or better still can we have and look up the name of the Magazine online!

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Well they fly a lot of British and Dutch here every week to go snow mobile safaris and ice carting and so on, so we could set up a new type of holiday combining meeting a doctor and Santa claus and his reindeer :D

Buy to be honest the doctor that was interviewed works in public health care and does not take patients privately. Which is a shame. But he works at big hospital and hopefully sets a new trend fast and educates his coworkers!


Oh - that's a pity but at least he could set a trend.


Wonder if easyjet goes to Finland :) Yes - they do!!!

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Wonder if Air France goes there as well! I should think so! :-)


Yes is the answer :)


That's what the endo said, they have realised that some patients are very unwell on T4 and can recover quite fast with right treatment despite their blood levels. These old guys indeed are familiar with NDT and that's why they might see it better.

Mentioned DI02 and explained it and said that some just don't convert as there are 50-60 genes affecting thyroid function and we don't know it all.

This is just what we need, proper information without provoking. It is a very good opening for public discussion and for some patients the information they have missed.

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I agree Justina - I'll contribute any info that could help because I've been checking out/researching my whole health history from birth and am convinced my thyroid (Hashimoto's) and other conditions are definitely linked. I'm not a scientist though.

Ive recently had a private blood test done to rule in/out one potentially recurring condition. That one aopears to be negative but I still need all the comments on it in French, properly translated and explained for me!

I don't show signs of one disease I had and know I have immunity from, but the operation I had was definitely in the adrenal axis region! the scar on my neck and is the only visible proof of that I have!

Plus self altering my Thyroxine meds a few months ago, before a couple of blood tests which raised /lowered TSH results! I'm waiting for next Blood test in a couple of months!

PS - what is D102 ?



One known gene to cause issues. Some doctors ignore this gene and testing calling it humbug. Fortunately this is relatively cheap test!

I have found out my immune system is compromised due to antibiotics or yersinia enterocolita. Don't know which was first but I received found out I have had yersinia e antibodies for at least 10 years which is one bacteria that can trigger hashimoto. No one told me. I accidentally found out because I ordered tests results from 1993 to 2003 put of curiosity! So there are so many reasons for falling ill but most doctors seem to deny it.

So I have it like you do. It is all linked in my case too. And finally making sense!

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This is great news!! One saying it aloud, hopefully many will follow.

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Exactly! Was refreshing and very pleasing to read that article. Was so well written and nothing but truths! No judging, no provoking. Just thyroid in a nutshell.


Hi Justiina

Please can you email the name of the Endo to enquiries@thyroiduk.org. :)





Good news Justina. Thanks for posting :)


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