doctor recommendation in the uk??

hi guys i need a bit of help to find a new doctor i'm in walsall west mids. i was seeing doctor p but his a very difficult man to get hold off and the after care isn't very good to say the least. i was meant to had a telephone consultation with him today (booked last week) and i couldn't get hold of any 1 at all it just kept going to answer phone.does any one know of a good thyroid doctor other than doc p??? i've been unable to take my armour as every time i try it makes me bad and very moody and nasty which isn't good for me or any 1 else.

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  • I used to see someone in Oxford. If that's of any help, I can PM you the details.

  • yh ill take a look thanks for that, is he a practicing gr or like doc p?

  • He's a she. The doctor I saw no longer does the Oxford clinic but a female colleague of his runs it. She is doctor who practices Integrated Medicine. It's a private practice.

  • could you inbox the details and ill take a look thanks rosetrees

  • i keep seeing references on this forum that Dr P is very unwell.Have you looked on thyroid UK's home site for recommended doctors

  • i don't know about that his secretary didn't mention it the other day. dont get me his a decent man but it cost a lot of money to see doctors i was diagnosed in november and i still haven't been able to take my thyroid meds cause i haven't had the help.

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