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Is NDT as hard to get or is it just T3

Hi I have been taking T3 with my T4 , for the past year. Feel very much like my old self again. I was totally unaware of any issues sourcing T3, as I had enough medication. Since placing my order in August. I've still not 'received. Been chasing them to no avai. Now out of T3. I had even reduced it to try make it last. Was wondering if it would be better to change to Natural thyroid if this was easier to source.....help x

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I used to get my NDT on prescription but my GP stopped it this year. I now buy it online and have over a year's supply which is reassuring. What dose of T3/T4 are you on?


Could you please let me know where you get your NDT from? The place I get mine from is currently sold out 😳. Thanks


Hi Clare Bear

I'm on 100mg of t4. Was on 25mg t3. But since not been able to get my t3 I've upped my t4 back to 125mg and only had12.5mg of t3 x



UniPharma T3 has not been available online since April but there is no shortage of Tiromel or Grossman Cynomel which are also available online.


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