T3 or NDT?

Generally speaking, if you've been on Levo but have poor conversion, is it easier to add T3 to the Levo or just go down the NDT route? I know everyone is individual and some people do better on one or the other but where do I start? Is there anyway to judge which one is going to suit me best? Also, which one is easier to monitor? I get the feeling that with NDT you rely more on how you are feeling, taking temperature etc, whereas with FT3 you need more blood tests which obviously you have to pay for.

I'd be so grateful for some pointers, including sources of T3 and NDT by private message of course.

Many thanks


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I'm not sure that there is a way to tell which is going to suit you better. I was trialled on T3 first. It woke me from my sleeping beauty state, but then I developed side effects. NDT on the other hand has been fine.

I'd probably start with the cheaper option if you are self medicating. Which is probably Thai NDT.

Thanks Ruthi.

On the other hand, adding T3 to Levo gives more flexibility with how much of each hormone. Some people need a different balance from that which is in NDT :)

I can understand that seaside suzie. Thank you.


Great reply from SeasideSuzie,

But also consider many find NDT less sympathetic to nutrient or iron deficiencies and cortisol issues.

I used a T4+T3 combo to address deficiencies and gut issues, and them switched to an NDT successfully.

That's very interesting. I have iron and folate deficiences which I seem to be battling. Not sure about cortisol. Any reason why you switched to NDT after T4+T3 combo?


You don't need many blood tests for either NDT or T3. Once a year should be sufficient if you are on your optimum dose. It's only when we are trying to get to an optimum that we may need more tests than usual and if doing them yourself it can work out pricey, too pricey for many.

You could try first to add T3 to your T4 and that might suit you fine. Your GP can provide levo and you can add T3.

Thanks Shaws.

my lot were not well on levo

a little better on very high doses of t3 which would have one believe they were poor converters or thyroid hormone resistant

but on NDT they are fit and well and since my husband is 74 and has had 1st Graves then surgury then found to have graves and hashis running together and myxodeama madness to boot over the course of his whole life i know what meds i would opt for

Thanks reallyfedup for the info.

Hi foreversummer,

I've read the info copied below on Westin Childs site. Hope it helps.

There are basically three main choices in medications: 1) Natural Desiccated thyroid medication (including armour thyroid, naturethroid and WP thyroid) 2) T3 only medication (including Liothyronine, cytomel and sustained release T3) 3) T4 only medication (including levothyroxine, tirosint and synthroid) The question is how do you determine which medication works best for you? Patients who do well on NDT medication include: - Those who have not felt better on T4 only preparations - Those who need to lose 10-20 pounds of fat - Those who have not been on thyroid medication before - Those with Low free T3 and low Free T4 but normal reverse T3 levels Patients who do better on T3 only medications: - Those with high levels of reverse T3 - Those with leptin resistance - Those with insulin resistance, diabetes or pre diabetes - Those with a personal history of bipolar disorder or a strong family history of mental health disorders - Those with chronic illness Patients who do better on T4 only medications: - Those who are VERY sensitive to all supplements and medications - Those with extreme sensitivities to T3 containing medications More information in the video and the full blog post can be found here: restartmed.com/levothyroxin... You can read more on my website here: restartmed.com

Thank you HelgaW. This is very interest information and I hadn't seen it before.

Many thanks


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