Second half of email sent from NP

Second half of email sent from NP

I was unable to manage to get this posted earlier when I posted the first half of her email to me I think that it could be relevant what she says. Please read and give me your opinion of what she is saying. Thanks. By the way she is my only doctor and she knows this so I don't know why she's trying to push me off on someone else now.

Thanks Jill

By the way, I do not take iron supplements I haven't taken any iron supplements and well over 10 years at least. I do recently have just started cooking in a cast iron pan when I joined thyroid UK and started trying to be healthier I threw my Teflon pans in the garbage. I mainly only use the cast-iron pan for cooking meat in and I have a bout a fist size amount of meat every day and one egg. I cook my vegetables in stainless steel pots and pan's.

I am very confused as to what to do next and obviously I'm disappointed that I don't have reverse T3 issue nor Hashimoto's but I'm going to get a huge bill for these testing I was hoping for a starting point and how to make myself feel better ๐Ÿ˜”

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Your starting point should be to raise your nutrients, and you FT3. Your FT3 is much too low for you to feel well.

She won't prescribe more Cytomel. I don't know if you saw or remember the first part of her email but I posted earlier today but she accused me of not obeying her orders which is to take all thyroid hormone replacement five hours prior to testing. Instead I waited 11 hours because everyone on here was telling me to wait anywhere from 12 to 24 hours so I ended up doing 11 hours prior.

The last conversation she had with me over the phone she got very upset and basically yelled at me that "T3 can give you a heart attack you know??!!"

Well, obviously she knows nothing about thyroid. If it were me, I wouldn't see her again!

It's a long story but she is my stepmother's doctor also and that is why they pay for her I am extremely poor on disability and faced with Medicaid doctors only which not only will not treat my Thyroid condition at all. They refused to even ever have me tested for it. I tried for four years straight, before turning to private care. (My father doesn't even believe hypothyroidism is a real illness) I had an ex-boyfriend years ago who paid out-of-pocket to have me tested after he saw the way I was treated by Medicaid doctors.

In other words it's either self treat and order supplies from elsewhere or I'm stuck with this doctor. In my opinion having this doctor is better than having no doctor at allโ€ฆ At least she can prescribe enough medication that I can get paid for by Medicaid and then source my own elsewhere if I feel I need extra. What I'm trying to say is Medicaid is such a joke when it comes to doctors that I basically would not have a doctor at all if it wasn't for this woman that my parents happen to like. It is a very complicated relationship with my parents, it would take too long to explain. But trust me this is my only option ๐Ÿ™

I see. Yes, it is complicated. A very unfortunate position to be in.

Did you tell her you left 11 hours before testing? The point is, if you only leave four hours, you will just be testing the dose you took, not the normal T3 level circulating in your system. I sometimes wonder if doctors do that deliberately so that they don't have to increase our dose!

Exactly! That's what I think... it's crazy. I only just started really understanding all of this on July 17 when I joined this site. But over the years I have wondered why would they have me take all my thyroid replacement for the day five hours prior to testing (3-5 hours is what they instruct).

I have not responded to her email that she sent yesterday, but apparently my pharmacy faxed her a request for refill for my WP thyroid and even though they said they were out of stock the other day when I asked, it's been filled. Thank goodness for that! There were no refills on the bottle so apparently she went ahead and approved the refill. I don't have the money to pay for it today, but will be up there tomorrow to get it. Medicaid pays for the Cytomel but they won't pay for the WP thyroid.

Yup, that's very suspicious!

And thank you by the way greygoose* very lost today

You're welcome. :)

I realise this may not be feasible when money is tight, but it is possible to get testing done in the USA without involving a doctor and without involving any other organisation.

I've never investigated the costs involved (I'm not in the USA), but this link has info on companies which will deal with the patient directly :

Look about half way down the page.


I think your doctor is wrong to suggest that you take iron. Your serum iron is already substantially over the range. I answered on the subject of your iron on this link :

My reply is currently the last one on the link.

I realise I am making your life even more difficult by giving yet another opinion. :(

Thank you so much!! I will do my best to try and understand it. Going to check it now... ๐Ÿ™‚

Having a look through your last posts, it's very clear you are undermedicated. Your increase doesn't need to be T3, it could be an increase of the NDT, or even if T4 if you're offered it. Basically every marker shows that you need more medication, your freeT3 is the thing people are mentioning, because that's where the buck stops (freeT3 is the closest thing to predicting what your symptoms will be, as it measures the active hormone. Any T4 you take should be converted by your body into T3 as needed).

This is part of the explanation for why you're feeling rubbish. Increasing and tuning the dose will improve things.

As others have kind of mentioned, it may work out cheaper for you to get tests like these done independently, and maybe buy meds online to top you off if your doctor is useless. I buy my meds from overseas, and spend about ยฃ50 per month to give you a very rough indication. I imagine this might be cheaper than you're paying.

Thank you SilverAvocado ๐Ÿ™‚

I was just trying to read over these posts again, now that Iโ€™m not as upset as two weeks ago. I somehow missed this message. Good advice, and much appreciated ๐ŸŒท

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