I love you

She comes to see me everyday, sits next to me, feeds me and talks to me. I don’t speak to her. I can not speak. I have almost lost my speech. I must be about ninety years old now.

Florence… is my wife. I was speechless also when I saw her for the first time some sixty five years ago. She looked beautiful in the dim light of the street coming from the mirrored butterfly lantern early last century as she walked past the lamp-post. Her long black hair moved swiftly as she walked. I was lucky to have met her few minutes later at the West End Theatre. I used to sell tickets at box office and she had an interest in musical plays.

Soon we teamed up for walking from the nearby coffee shop to the theatre. Before long we fell for each other. I was very nervous the day I proposed her but when she accepted I was delirious. Her reaction was pleasantly complex and delicate. I held her soft and silky hand in mine and we walked by the riverside. It was a beautiful summer day. We could not talk for few minutes.

When we reached the theatre, I broke the silence, “Florence, I love you”.

She kissed me briefly; her brown eyes sparkled, and she ran into the theatre with that subtle smile which is indelibly marked on my soul.

I heard her talking to the nurse, “Can I… stay with him everyday?”

“We have been together …more than sixty years! So…I want to spend… most of my time with him”.

“I will do everything for him”. Her fragile voice was very tender and full of a humble request.

She went on, “I will clean him…, dress him…, feed him…and… I will go home for my lunch. There is a bus to our house…I know I am a bit old for the buses but… I will manage… if I am allowed to come back for the afternoon”. Her voice was breaking.

I watched her helplessly. I could not keep my promise of taking care of her for life. My eyes were damp. I wished I could go back to our house so that Florence did not have to beg to be with me, so that she did not have to travel everyday to see me and to be with me. And I could also have her in front of me; forever…for whatever life remains.

Going back home is no longer a possibility. I am destined to die in this place now. I will never see our house again. The house that Florence and I made into a home, a home of our dreams. Some fulfilled, some not. The house is still there but I will never get a chance to go there and see it even once. Only my body will be taken there one day, I understand.


Note: I am not 90 years old but half of it. I don't think I will or would want to turn that old, given my health. Today, I am feeling very low. So, just wanted to vent out through my old hobby for writing.

I immensely love my wife. And I do love all of you too - for listening, guiding and caring.

Thank you

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What a moving story. It is amazing how the creative spirit keeps going in all sorts of adversities. Hope you keep your hobby going.

That was such a poignant read. Thank you.

Thank you for reading


Thank you... though you made me cry thank you for sharing your talent

Sorry. I did not mean to transfer my tears to anyone else. I am pleased you liked it.

That was beauty. There are some very active 90 year olds (3 x 80+ gentlemen came into my friend's boutique vintage shop. I think couples in the higher 80/90 range tend to love the most) one was married 42,46 and my loveliest 53 years. And a lady came in 83 in a few days married 50 old years she said. Her husband was in nursing home as he has dementia. I loved that she said fifty old - as she didn't want to count the two years they had been apart. 💜

Thank you. Yes, there are many very old people I have come across too who are keeping a good state of health. I am jealous of them but....bless them.😘

Such a poignant and beautiful read. It brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. You have an amazing talent, so pleased you can still employ it.

Absolutely amazing talent . This made me think of my beloved parents who are no longer with me , poignant but also shows how precious are lives are and important are loved ones are . Thank you and all have a lovely 😊 day .

activelazy , it's so beautiful! Do keep writing...and sharing, please ;)

Touching and beautiful and thankyou for your story...I have nothing to complain about, can we read some more please ❤️

I am overwhelmed by the responses. Thank you so much. I am highly obliged.

I should have asked for an apology in advance for any incorrect use of the language or grammatical mistake as English is not my first language.

I am not even sure if it was appropriate for me to use this forum in a way that could be classed as 'unintended use'.

If it is, I apologise to the administrators who are very close to my heart for what they are doing. My story is nowhere near the worth of their impeccable guidance and experience.

You have nothing to apologise for. THANK YOU for sharing this story with us xxxx

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