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Just some more advice needed please


Hello I recently wrote here a few months ago about my thyroid tests being abnormal. I have now seen my endo & the results that stand today are:

Ft3: 5.6 (2.8-7.0)

Ft4: 18.2 (9.0-25.0)

TSH: 8.35 (0.4-4.0)

TP0 AB: 313 & Positive (<34)

SHBG : 246 (Don't have the ranges for this so not sure whether it will mean anything without having the range)

He also sent down a sample to Cambridge for equilibrium analysis.

I just wanted some advice on what people make of this the last time I got my TSH tested it was at 11.36. It always seems to jump up and down and I'm starting to notice the earlier I get the blood test done the higher the tsh is (Although I don't know whether that has anything to do with it or whether it's just a coincidence).

I'm feeling awful at the minute. I am just always drained and my weight is getting so bad you can see all my bones. I used to be a healthy 8st 8 and now I'm down to 7st.

Just hoping someone can give me some insight into these results.

Thank you

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Have you been prescribed levothyroxine? You have elevated thyroid antibodies which means you have autoimmune thyroid disease otherwise known as Hashimotos. This is the reason for your fluctuating blood test results. When the thyroid is attacked by antibodies the dying cells release a lot of thyroid hormone and your TSH will drop. Then when the attack is finished and the thyroid settles down the TSH will rise again. To minimise attacks it's advised to take levothyroxine and lower the TSH level to 1.0 or slightly lower. If you get a Hashi's attack and your thyroid goes overactive you may need to lower your medication a little and resume the previous dose when you become hypothyroid again. You can read more about it on Thyroid UK's website and there are more knowledgeable people on this forum who can give better advice based on their experience.

It is true that if you take blood tests earlier in the morning your TSH will be higher and the best time for blood tests is early morning and fasting. You can drink water. Take levothyroxine after blood tests not before.

Thanks for your reply. No I'm not on any medication as my endo hasn't actually diagnosed me yet. I've been pushing for a diagnosis for about a year now but just keep getting repeat bloods done by them . I'm hoping because it's been sent down to Cambridge once the results come back I will hopefully get a diagnosis as it's really becoming a struggle now.

Treepie in reply to Ashley124

You have auto immune thyroiditis ( Hashimotos) shown by the high antibodies.You should be started on levothyroxine rather than be left until TSH reaches 10.

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