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Saw my GP today, I had a list of symptoms on T4 only and improved symptoms when adding T 3. I have tried this 2 times now so as to conform with that which is preached !

To my amazement he agreed with all I said , talked to me about my suppressed TSH suggesting over replacement but with LOW T3 meant I needed T3 . Not converting well enough . Said he would prescribe ! Would prefer Consultants input and referred me to someone I know of who advocates its use. Could have knocked me down with a feather!!

He's advised to increase liothyronine to see if improvement in certain muscle pains,

Come back in six weeks and blood test all Ts . Please , may all of you out there struggling with this hypothyroid bug**r have such help. Xx

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I am glad you had such a good consultation. Members will probably be joining your surgery to get a doctor who has sympathetic awareness of the need some of us have to have T3 prescribed.


Are you in the UK? If so, wherever you are, I'm moving there.

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Wow! That's pretty miraculous *jealous face*


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