Amazing pain relief

Hello everyone,

I must share this amazing find with you all.

As you maybe aware I don't tolerate Thyroid meds very well, so the fibromyalgia can be terrible, I was having acupuncture with no benefits, I hobbled into his office, all seized up and full of pain and miserable, disheartened that the acupuncture had done nothing after three sessions, he then suggested Battlefield Acupuncture (needles in the ears) I reluctantly I agreed and my godness what results I have had, it truely has been wonderful for me, pain is greatly reduced, movement and flexabilty has improved, energy has improved. I feel almost human again. Having the needles (they look like little gold studs) isn't pleasant and you have to keep them in for three days and nights.

After the improvements I have had, he asked what other symptoms were next on my long list - so next time I visit, they are the ones he is going to work on - it's fantastic, not only does this work but the man is going to tailor it to whats going to help me best.

I really am over the moon

Best wishes


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  • How fabulous!

    I am very pleased you are finding an answer to your horrid symptoms.

    Is the acupuncture private or national health? My local hospital has been trialing acupuncture and I wondered if I should push for it.

  • Good morning Flower007,

    It it privately done - the man I see is also an osteopath, so if he thinks something is out of place he will click it back in at no extra cost. He is really very kind and is really putting himself out to help me, he is even good enough to charge his 'student rate' as at the moment I am going every week.

    In my opinion it has been incredible, people have been commenting on how much better I am.

    If the NHS does offer this then I would certainly give it a whirl, to feel almost human again and to be living an almost normal life again is amazing and the fantastic thing is he is still going to try and help with my other horrible symptoms.

  • That's great, K-W. At last something that's helping you and more to look forward to as well :)

  • Morning Clutter,

    Absolutely, it's amazing. I still can't believe it. Things are starting to fall in to place. I have now been gluten free for 4 months - which also helped, noe to find the other triggers as the doctors are saying it is Hashi's

  • Kitten-whiskers, I bet you feel as though you've won the lottery. It's always so good to hear of someone finding a treatment that is helping them. Long may it continue.

    I'm self medicating with NDT but still feeling the effects of Fibro (?) Pain (I think it's connected to UAT) My horrendous pain completely disappeared when I started Levo then onto NDT, B12, Vit C etc. but has returned with vengeance this past six months. I was in bed for six days, only Just back on my feet today. I have ordered Nutri Adrenal to see if that makes a difference, as I' sure they're not working properly. (Endo laughed at me). I do understand the pain you suffer, Sorry I've gone on a bit, I do hope you continue to improve. Evey.

  • Good morning evey,

    Sounds like you are having a really tough time of it, Endro's and doctors are useless, they really don't care, so please try not to take any notice of them, I have had many arguments with them. I completely understand where you are coming from, it is horrendous. I have had Nutri Adrenal - I will keep my fingers crossed it helps.

    Before I came across this ear acupuncture I used to use Deep relief gel - it is a menthol and nurofen mixture and it was the only thing that ever touched the pain, some people recommend Arnica gel/cream - maybe they could ease the pain for you.

    I really hope things improve for you Evey

    Best wishes

  • Thanks for your reply, Kitten-whiskers. I've used Deep Heat rub, years ago, hadn't thought of trying the likes again. I have Arnica cream and used it for bruising but will give it a try, especially on my knees. I don't know about you, I don't have any outward sign of swelling but they feel very swollen on the inside, my hands are the same, it's a weird feeling. I'm seeing my wonderful knowledgeable gp tomorrow (Not) and will see if she will stretch her budget to prescribe me some gel. I can only ask, I've already been refused Magnesium, Vit C etc. and told to go and buy then in the chemist ! but the expense is just getting out of hand. Thanks for your advice, enjoy the sunshine today.

  • Good luck Evey, they should prescribe the gel, they do for my Grandad - they let him have the move-a-lot gel. They do get funny about vitamins - they don't want anything to get in the way of drug company profits. I do know what you mean about the weird swelling, I get that in my hands and ankles - that's how it feels but it never looks swollen.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks Kitten-whiskers, I don't think she wants to waste her precious budget on Vitamins etc., but I also think she doesn't have a clue about their value to our thyroid health because she doesn't have a clue about the thyroid in the first place !

  • She sounds like all the other doctors

  • Just so pleased that you are receiving great pain relief that is non-invasive too. I haven't heard of this earstud type but I have had acupuncture with good success several years ago when I had damaged knee ligaments. Such a happy, positive thread to read today. Enjoy it while it lasts! xx

  • Thank you Glo42 - I feel like I have won the lottery, I just couldn't be happier.

    I really hope other people can find relief as I have

    Best wishes

  • Kitten, do you keep the studs in? Or are they just there for the session? I had some put in years ago, supposed to be there long-term, and they fell out after a few hours! lol Not much benefit from them! I Wonder if things have improved since.

  • Good morning Greygoose,

    The studs stay in for three days and nights - I have not had any fall out, in fact quite the opposite - they don't seem to want to come out.

    They look like little gold studs and it seems to work a bit like reflexology - were certain points help certain parts of the body. He uses a specail Pen to find the highest section of Activity - the more activity, the more the pen bleeps. Wonderful stuff : >

  • Sounds like things have improved, then. Thank you, Kitten.

  • It is amazing, Greygoose, I just wish I had known of it years ago : >

  • I have heard of this before but not tried it. My fibre-symptoms are much better on T3. I also give myself reiki healing now and this is very beneficial.

    As a Body Re-aligner I would caution having bones adjusted - 'click it back in' - this is fine a couple of times but every time a bone is moved there is soft tissue damage. Also one has to look at why it is going out in the first place as without adjustments to way of life, posture, etc., the bone will go out again and again. I know of people who have had constant adjustments to their neck after whiplash and have completely ruined the discs and vertebrae. I used to have chiropractic treatments for a bad back until I trained in BR and realised my pelvis was tilted and restricted by a large abdominal scar, which caused the problem. Once this had adjusted itself, and I mean that it adjusted itself - with encouragement from the BR, the back pain lessened and unless I do too much gardening it stays pain-free.

    Good luck with the acupuncture and I hope that it continues to give you relief.

  • Thank you Penny, that is very interesting and I will certainly bear that in mind.

    Best wishes

  • Hi KW - just want to know, does it hurt?

  • Hello Schenks,

    It does hurt, depending where the needles are placed, and they can hurt when they come out as they can get a little stuck but in my case it has been worth it. Once it drops back to once a month the soreness will improve.

    Best wishes

  • Glad you have found something that is working for you. My Physio is treating me as a lab rat at the moment - twice weekly free treatments of acupuncture to reduce my anti-bodies. Had blood test yesterday - so will soon know. Also have raised cortisol and it is supposed to be working on that too. It was just good to lie on a couch for an hour and fall asleep !

    He too is a Hashimotos sufferer so has a special interest I guess :-)

  • Hello Marz,

    Do you think the acupuncture is helping, it never done anything for me. I had an antibody test three weeks ago - I am told the results will take at least seven, the GP was so reluctant to do it, saying it was a waste of time because it didn't matter what the antibody level was.

  • Well I certainly had some good snoozes :-) All will be revealed when I collect my test results next Tuesday - they are usually back in two days - but it is Greek Easter this weekend.

    GP's often say testing anti-bodies is a waste of time - possibly because they know so little about auto-immune issues. I am concerned about brain issues - which can be a problem with some Hashimotos people. Have some info on that somewhere - probably Datis Kharrazian. My Mum and Hubby's Mum died from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - and I read somewhere there is a connection. We both have Hashimotos. Makes sense that if the blood is full of anti-bodies then it is not healthy blood. Just my own little story :-) Am not stressing about it - it was a proposition that was put to me by my Physio - and I went with the flow :-)

    Hope your results are OK ...

  • Hello Marz,

    Sorry to hear that, it must be such a worry for you both.

    You seem to be coping so well and of course not getting stressed is fantastic, that can really upset the apple cart. I really hope you find the answers you need.

    Best of Luck

  • :-)

  • That is terrific kitten-whiskers, I'm so jealous!!!

    I used to have accupuncture - not in my ears but virtually everywhere else and it really did seem to help. Unfortunately, I've not been able to afford it recently so I'm really hoping that I can try this once my ESA kicks in.

    All I have to do now is look for a reputable Accupuncturist locally.

    Thank you so much for sharing and best wishes going forward.

    Do keep us informed as to what other minor miracles you encounter on your journey please.

  • Hello Reykua,

    I so hope you can have this, I wish a doctor could refer you - it truly is amazing. I must admit I can't afford it, it goes on the credit card, I will have to cut back soon but he did say once a month.

    This chap is a really good egg, so if you are anywhere near Suffolk let me know and i will recommend him, as he was recommended to me.

    I will certainly keep you all updated on all the good it does.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks so much for your response kitten-whiskers,

    I didn't think to ask my doctor - must give that a try even though he's normally a little unhelpful.

    Unfortunately, I maxed out my credit card so it's literally on ice at the moment in my freezer (no lie) to avoid any further temptation till Christmas.

    Perhaps your your chap may be able to recommend someone in London or a list of reputable practitioners I could refer to? Do check for me if you can.

    I look forward to reading your next post. All the very best and thanks again.

  • Hello Reykua,

    I have made a note on my phone to remind me to ask him when I see him next Friday. Also if you were looking for NHS my Endro said if you see the GP they will have a list of properly trained/recommended Acunpunctists - maybe worth a shot : >

    Typical doctor - minimual effort

    Best wishes

  • Thank you so very, very much,

    You've been absolutely terrific and a real mine of information. The old adage if you don't ask you don't get really rings true here.

    I'll let you know how things go with my GP.

    My gratitude is boundless. Ta very much for your kindness.

  • Your very welcome Reykua

    Good luck with your GP, I have my fingers crossed - I hope to hear some good news : >

    Bests wishes

  • Hello Reykua,

    just wanted to let you know that I have not forgot to ask about the ear acupuncture in London, my pain hasn't started returning yet, so I moved my appointment to next Friday - I will ask him them : >

  • Think you sooooo much Kitten-whiskers. The fact that your pain has not started returning yet is just brilliant.

    I should have kept you updated about my quest as well and for that I sincerely apologise.

    I checked with my GP about the possibility of getting the treatment on prescription and was told that it would have to be discussed with the other GP's in the practice and he'd get back to me. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back and when I telephone to check, was informed that he's away on holiday, due to return on the 28th of April.

    My ex colleague also gave me the name of an Accupunctuarist recommended to her by her sister in law - unfortunately, the practice is some way away from where I live so will wait till I hear back from my GP - with his list, before making a decision. In the interim, still struggling with the usual meds.

    As soon as I get any other information, I shall definitely let you know.

    Thank you so much again for keeping me in mind - you have no idea how much it means to me.

    Very best wishes going forward. I'm sending very warm and squidgy telepathic vibes your way - hope you can feel them!

  • Hello Reykua,

    I have received notification that you replied but I can not see your reply. Maybe I will be able to see it later on.

  • So pleased to hear it is helping you.

  • Thanks redpoppy59, it is a blessing

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