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Amazing results from T3 - Cynomel

I have been taking T3 only for a week so far, 50mcg per day and the results have been amazing in just this short time. Mentally I feel so much better, I can think faster and speak better and I have no anxiety. Physically things are changing already, my lower eyelashes which were nearly gone have nearly grown back and my hair is soft and shiny. My libido has massively increased as well, which I guess must be a knock on increase in testosterone. I'm so happy I have finally found something that works after all these years of suffering.

I hope things continue and I am not celebrating too early!

Just thought I would post as it may give some encouragement about T3 only.

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I am so happy for you. It is encouraging to know what an improvement it can make. Would you care to to say how you came to try it and crossed hurdles to obtain it? Did you have adrenal problems? You also may have conquered other issues to arrive at this point or do you attribute it all to T3? In any event, it is great news.

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Sure I will explain about how I came to this point...

I am 30 years old and have had hypothyroidism (which I suspect is Hashimotos) for around 5 years, although thinking about it it could be a lot longer than that but the symptoms weren't as bad. The last few years have been the worst. I am into my diet, weightlifting, keeping fit etc so for a long time though the problem was related to my diet so I spent a lot of time rotating various different foods and diets which did actually help somewhat.

In the past 2 years I reduced my symptoms a lot by keeping gluten free and high carb and managed to loose a bit of weight. At this time I also found out about iodine and thought this would be my magic cure, I started high dosing and felt great for about a year on iodine. However things started going wrong again until iodine eventually made me feel more hypo on it than without it. I think the reason for this is it made my thyroid produce more hormones but it eventually gave up. Anyway, I started looking around for answers and ended up ordering some Armour online and trying that. It started out well but after week or two made my symptoms worse. I gave up NDT for a while and went back to iodine but at a much lower dose and kept a strict diet, this kept things at bay for a bit.

Fast forward to the last few months I tried Nature-throid, Thyroid-S and Thyro Gold. All of them made me much more hypo so I knew there was a problem. I tried adrenal supplements to no avail.

I researched T3 only and gave it a go and knew within a few days things were much much better. I know it's only a week but I feel like how I felt about 10 years ago already and am looking and feeling so much better. I couldn't believe it when I noticed my lower eyelashes growing back, funnily enough I didn't notice them not being there as it must have happened over such a long period!

Also, I haven't been to the NHS once over this. They have let me down a few times in the past when I needed help and I felt as if I didn't have the energy to deal with them again. Cynomel from Mexico is cheap and I will self dose for life if necessary.

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Thanks, Y. Very interesting and from a diagnostic view, probably very helpful. If only we had a good diagnostician around. For those who have similar circumstances, it may be very enlightening.

I would think iodine and selenium may have a lot to do with this since both are being depleted from the soil and aren't replaced to any degree. Vitamin D as a prohormone is another possible deficiency.



Fantastic - good to hear of some success. I have gone taken out T4 and been on 40 of T3 to try and get rid of brain fog and get hair (head, eyebrows, eyelashes etc) to regrow so I am fascinated to hear more from you about your experience as you are only on 10mcg more of T3 than me and your eyelashes are growing back!! Tell me more and congratulations!!


That's great, how long had you been unwell for and what other methods/treatment had you tried? What was your thyroid profile levels out of interest?

I'm interested as I'm male and I've been unwell for a long long time. I'm wondering whether I have a reverse T3 problem, had an MRI on the pituitary that came back ok, my free T4 has been normal/low, TSH has been low/normal, On a trial of thyroxine since January at 50 mcg so a low dose but I feel no better if anything I feel worse. I think there might be a few things that are underlying.

Interested to hear more about your experience?


Your dose may be too low to be of any good to you. This is an explanation of a low dose effect. Cursor to the date November 28, 2003:-


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Brilliant to hear of your success yhickfoe - and very fortuitous for me. After 7 years of absolute hell, with symptoms that have had me resigned to dying in the not too distant future, I am poised to go the T3 only route - I stopped the Thyroid-S just this morning after huge help from here.

My questions are, how much T3 did you start with, why did you choose that amount and what increments of dosage are you going to go up by? And lastly (hope you don't mind the grilling), how did you tell if your symptoms are hypo or hyper - some of them are exactly similar? Gsp177 - good idea to watch this space (Thyroid UK) - might save you years of distress, and good luck on the start of your journey.


Hi Schenks

I started with 25mcg, after reading that most people on t3 only require 75mcg - 100mcg I thought this was a suitable starting dose. I felt the effects almost immediately, like a light being switched on. I knew I was hypothyroid due to my wide range of symptoms (tired, very fast fat gain when straying from my strict diet, dry skin and hair, aching muscles, clicking and painful joints, slow thinking, anxiety etc etc - I also had a low temperature of around 96 -97. My temperature now is right around the ideal 98.6.

I don't have the tests to prove it, but I think I may have had a thyroid resistance and reverse t3 problem which is why NDTs didn't work for me, you may have the same issue. See this website for more info:



That's a high dose after one week!!


Have bookmarked the site - thanks yk. And thanks to all - am crawling slowly but surely through this!


Hi everyone, I thought I would put an update on this post as a lot has changed since I first posted this a year ago, hopefully this will help someone.

Although I initially said t3 was amazing as you see on my first post, that soon changed, I developed some pretty bad side effects from the stuff including but not limited to severe anxiety, muscle weakness and no libido. These symptoms slowly developed and got worse as the months went on so back to drawing board I went.

Over the past year I tried t4 only again which worked at first then the sides came with that too, I went back to a mix of t4 and t3 and the t3 sides were still there. I went back on to trying NDT again, thought that was the solution only to get pretty severe weight gain after a few months on it.

Anyway long story short is I now take 100mcg Synthroid and 2 grains of Thiroyd NDT each day, but I also HAVE to take iodine as well, the results from just synthroid and thiroyd were good, but some symptoms were still there, mainly weight gain. Since taking iodine as well (1 drop of iosol) I am getting EXCELLENT results, I'm not sure I have ever felt or looked this good in my life to be perfectly honest.

All symptoms are gone and I am able to get on with my life again and frequently forget that I even have this terrible disease. I have been feeling consistently good and getting better for 2 months now on this regimen so it is very encouraging for the future. I thought I would never go back on iodine as it made my symptoms worse in the past, however now I am also on sufficient thyroid hormone that is not the case.

Hopefully this helps someone.


Hi Yhickfoe

I would love to know more about how you dose your thyroid meds ?? Do you take all meds at one time or do you split them up ?? Do you take morning or night ?? When do you take the iodine ?? Do you have hashimotos ??? Thanks so much for your post i have been so ill for so long and have tried everything and keep gaining weight like crazzy !! I am so depressed as i was a huge workout person before becoming so ill and do not even recognize who i am anymore !!! Thanks for all your help !!!

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Hi Chanelgirl

Welcome to the site! :) I have edited your comment to change it from all capitals as this is considered shouting. :D

Also, this thread is 2 years old and Yhickfoe may no longer be an active member.

You would get a better response if you posted your own post with details of your thyroid journey so far. :)



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Thank you !!


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