still amazed!!

I ordered a repeat prescription from gp surgery I am on t3/t4 combination. The gp who was doing prescriptions rang me to check which strength Eltroxin I wanted. When we had sorted that she asked me what Liothyronine was as she had never heard of it!! I was quite taken aback but said Levothyroxine is t4 and Liothyronine is t3. She then asked me why I was on it and I told her that I hadn't been right on t4 alone so she then said she had patients who weren't right on t4 how and where did I get it! So I told her the hospital and endo names and also told her to look at Thyroid UK. She then thanked me for educating her!!!! Still amazed!!

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  • OMG!!! Wicked! :-) THIS is what we are working towards! :-) Well done you!



  • This is brilliant! Thank god for a doctor with some common sense and without arrogance! Hopefully she will go on to help lots more people now. Well done :) x

  • Wow. I'm going to show your post to my own GP - because I think he will listen.

  • well done Jeans, good news, thanks for posting....there is SOME hope!

  • thats amazing , my GP has all his books on his desk and looks up everthing everytime i'm in there ,even if i take my kids he will always refer to his books and then show me what he's found,he is a very nice man and very helpful.but it could come across as disconcerting to some.

  • Brilliant!

  • Bloody hell! Well done you!

  • I am on levo t4 200 mcg, I always feel tired and have thin hair at the front, flaky nails and find it hard to lose weight, I am always told my levels are fine, and come away thinking it must just be me being lazy, but now I am starting to think I can change how I feel with food? I have had hypo thyroid since birth I am now 32. I don't feel terrible but I do feel I suffer from several of the symptoms still, does anyone else, and has changing your diet helped anyone?

  • I have recently gone, wheat, gluten, oats and dairy free and feel a new person and lost 7lbs without even trying!!!!!

    Eliminate the foods one at a time, dairy tends to show the rewards within a couple of days if it is a problem (a lot of my bloating went and so did 3lbs in 4 days :)

    I can see how the gluten is not good for me the 'cleaner' I become......

  • Great job!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done - there are some good GPs out there :) Mine is one of the good guys too and is also open to being "educated". xx

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