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T3 availability

Hi am a new person and have tried to find a source to obtain T3 outside of the uk. I had private prescription which cost me £1200 for low dose for 6 months. My specialist says after 10yrs on t3, 4 years on t3and t4 that I must now change to t4 only or fund it myself. Been redlined and no evidence it is better than t4.

I was so well this year until we Devine started with the withdrawal of my t3.

At the moment I am now on T4 75mg T3 5mg twice a day but due to increase to 100mg t4 and just one t3 with aim in 6 weeks to get me off all t3. I can be monitored on both if I can purchase t3 myself. My reading are t3. 4.6, t4. Serum free 15.2, and tsh 0.23.

When I felt my very best ever this year my specialist said I was at risk and needed to change my medication

My readings then were tsh 0.08, t4 10.6, and t3 5.1.

I don't understand when I was best I have been for 14 yrs they insisted I had to change .

I would appreciate any advise /info that could help me either source t3 /or explain any of the above. Tks

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As you have a private prescription, if it's for 20mcg, you can obtain Thybon Henning from Germany. There is a link in Clutter's reply in this thread, 7th reply down


Thank you for this info. Do you actually use it or have feed back on it from someone who does?


No, because I don't have a prescription, I self source non prescription T3, but you could put up a new thread asking for people's experience.


I will do. Thank you following up on the info I have got today so fingers crossed.

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Get private prescription and buy it from France or Germany. A 30 tablet box costs roughly 3 euros.

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