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My Operation went wrong I feel so low and my appointment with Endo complete waste of time


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Well I've had my Wisdom Tooth Removed and I must be so unlucky because they caught a nerve and my face chin lower lip and teeth are all numb! I've been prescribed pregabalin they make me feel dreadful !! Went to see my Endo what a complete waste of time that was he said because my TSH has come down to 4.05 that's normal and despite having Hashimoto he would allow my TSH to go back up to 10 !!!!!! I'm only on 25mcg Levo when I increased to 50mcg I got racing heart I'm desperate to know which direction to go in


TSH 4.05 (0.3-5.5)

Serum free Triodithyroine 4.6 (3.1-6.8)

Free T4 14.4 ( 12-22)

I've been concentrating on my face pain and left my Thyroxine off for few days but felt awful !!! Might just try low dose of T3 but lots of neuropathic pain relieving tablets interact with Levo πŸ˜’ Feel very low at the moment it just seems one thing after another ! I would appreciate anyone in the same situation coping with pain , or any advice would much appreciated Thankyou x

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I sympathise. Over 40 years ago I had a wisdom tooth removed at the Dental Hospital in Birmingham. I was asked at the very last moment if I could stay overnight so they could operate. I had left my two small daughters with s neighbour so I refused.

The tooth had curved roots and there were indents from the nerve structures. He proudly showed them to me. I asked for the tooth and was told he would need it for his students and so the evidence was lost.

I was told at his surgery that there was no record of the problem. At the time I was teaching swimming part-time and had to stop due to the facial paralysis .... To this day my Lip Butter is close to hand as moist lips move better 😊 Every morning I wake up hoping things will be fine. The eyelid on that side is also affected.

Just one of the many medical disasters I live with ...

I was given DF118'S for the pain and my Mum took time off to come and look after us all.

Hope you soon feel better. Suck a B12 lozenge. I knew nothing about B12 in those days 😴😴

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Oh Marz my heart goes out to you ! I haven't got small children to look after but I have had to go and stay with my mum as the pain hurts to eat speak anything and like you every morning I wake up in the hope that things might be back to normal but I'm afraid I think I'm going to have to live with this unless I get nerve repair surgery 😒 Thankyou fir replying and I wish you all the very best x


I was told by another Dentist I met that I had an excellent chance of being awarded compensation. Sadly I had gone over the 7 year limit.

Nerve repair op sounds very positive - I had not heard of that. The nerve pain eventually fades - I am just left with numbness which feels as if I am permanently injected for dental work 😊 Had to learn to use muscles further out on my face to speak normally without that - I have just been to the dentist talk 😊

B12 helps with nerve pain 😊 Take care and I hope you soon heal ....

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I would not go back to this Endocrinologist as he appears to be very unknowledgeable about the function of the Thyroid Gland altogether. He will ruin your health.

I am so sorry your op went wrong and at present you have numbness in your face etc.

Re your 'racing heart' it could be due to the fillers/binders in levo (or too low a dose) as I had very similar problems on levo and investigations. Once I switched I have had none since. You could try taking an anti-histamine tablet one hour before you take levo and if you don't have a reaction with your heart, it has to be the fillers/binders in it so I'd ask pharmacist to give you an alternative make of levo.

Your dose of 25mcg levo is pitiful - wont convert to much T3 which is its purpose.

T3 is absorbed into your system in about 5 hours, so you could take your dose early a.m.

Your TSH should be 1 or lower - not 'in range' which should only be used pre-diagnosis. Once diagnosed TSH of 1 or lower is the aim. Some need it suppressed but for some reason they seem to spread rumours that we will get heart problems or osteo if TSH is too low but that is untrue. Your FT4 is very low due to a low dose (25mcg)and and FT3 could be higher. T4 converts to T3 and if you are taking too little it defeats its purpose.

You could take your thyroid hormones at bedtime and you can take pain killers during the day if it suits you better at present. If bedtime dosing, allow a gap of 2.5 to 3 hours after eating and miss this dose if you are having a blood test next a.m. and take it afterwards and also take bedtime dose as usual that night.

I am sorry you have pain along with clinical symptoms to contend with.


Thankyou Shaw's that's very helpful I will try at nighttime with my Levo and pain relief during the day! My GP was going to put me on Amytripline at night so I could continue with my Levo in the morning ! but she's worried there is an interaction so seems all trial and error at the moment .

Thankyou for the great advice

And kindness Kazbe x


Can't offer any advice but send you lots of sympathy. Are you taking vitamin C? When I had a tooth out the after care leaflet said to take high strength vitamin C so I took 1000mcg slow release vit C with zinc and I think that really helped with the healing. Actually I was already taking it because when I started taking carbimazole my pharmacist told me to take vitamin C. Not sure why because I didn't ask him.

As for endos! Well I only ever had one visit when I came out feeling good, the rest of my endo visits were a big let down. Don't know what I was expecting but apart from that one visit, I didn't get it. I always say 'don't go with your hopes up because you'll likely as not be disappointed.

Good luck with your face, I hope it sorts itself out soon. ((((Big hug))))


Thankyou for your advice I will make sure I take high strength Vit C I'm taking Vut D K2 B12 I'm persevering with Gluten Fee to lower my antibodies thanks for your kindness Kazbe x


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