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I'm new! Changing from T4 to T4 and T3. Need help to source cytomel from reputable place please!!!


I'm new. Like it says in the title, I haven't had much success on levothyroxine alone and have been advised by a private endo to try 10mg liothyronine and 25mg levothyroxine. Doc doesn't want to prescribe liothyronine. Lots of websites but I have no idea how to know if they are the genuine product. I would prefer to be on Cytomel if possible as I've heard good things about the production and quality etc. Endo says 25mg halved would work ok if that's something I can source. I really need help. Also, if I really can't find this, how much do people pay for 10mg tabs of liothyronine in the uk and do they find them as effective as Cytomel if anyone has tried both? Thanks so much

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What makes you think adding T3 will help ? Do you have any results with ranges you could share with us ?

If conversion from T4 is poor then it is important to ensure your levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD are all OPTIMAL. Have you had yours all tested and what were the results ??


I don't understand why your private endocrinologist hasn't given you a private prescription for T3 - you can fill this in the UK it seems for £50 per month (according to recent posts) or look to use your prescription to purchase the T3 more cheaply from Europe.


Endo thinks it may help as I've been on levothyroxine, numbers are all optimal but no improvement in symptoms. Latest bloods:

Free T4: 20.8 (10.1-30.2)

Free T3: 4.33 (4.26-8.10)

TSH 0.1 (0.47 - 4.68)

(In the past the numbers were Free T4 15.1, Free T3 4.4 and TSH 3.89)

Serum Ferritin: 153ng (13-150)

Serum folate >20.0 (3.9-26.8)

B12 775 (197-771)

Vit D3 100 (50-150)


Great results 😊


She can give me a prescription but told me that it would cost over £100 in the uk? Also £50 is still A LOT of money for me. I have other illness and am on benefits so if there was a different and cheaper way to get hold of a product that's the same but I've heard better things of I thought it might be the way to be able to do it. How do I go about purchasing the T3 from Europe? Are they allowed to post medications?


Check out the link Clutter has posted in this thread - 6th reply down healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

You can send a private prescription to Germany and get Thybon Henning 20mcg T3 for 30.15 Euros for 100 tablets

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Branded Pfizer Cytomel is more expensive than Turkish Tiromel or Mexican Cynomel. If you order Cytomel or Cynomel you should add 20% VAT to the cost of the T3 and p&p. Tiromel is sent from Cyprus in the EU so there is no VAT added.


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