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Need help with T3 and Armour dosage please

Hi, I used to take 100mcg Levo before self-medicating with T3 and then being prescribed it by my Endo, I currently take 40-50mcg of Liothyronine and feel so much better than when I was on Levo.

A few months back I posted that I stopped my medication for a brief spell, the increase in my TSH in such a short space of time was quite astonishing so needless to say I've gone back on my NHS script of Liothyronine.

My Endo has agreed to prescribe Armour which I will be collecting from the hospital pharmacy over the next week hopefully. Does anyone on here actually take Armour either on it's own or with T3 ?

I count myself extremely lucky that I have such an amazing Endo who will listen and treats me with so much respect.

I am just wondering what my dosage is likely to be when I take T3 and NDT ? (currently on between 40-50mcg of T3).

Thanks in advance.

Seren :)

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40mcg T3 is roughly equivalent to 1.75 grains of Armour.

1 grain of Armour is equivalent to 75mcg-100mcg T4.

20mcg T3 is equivalent to 60mcg T4


Make sure Louie has the endos name on her list so they can be recommended to others in your area. Where are you?


That was meant to be Louise I hate I pad sometimes always thinks it knows better!


Hi Sulamaye,

I'm in North Wales, I have advised Louise previously of my Endo prescribing T3 but will let her know that she is also open to NDT and Martindales.


I am in Carmarthenshire would u pm me with location and details of endo please?


Hi Serencoch

Sorry to change subject a little but would you be kind enough to pm me about the endo you see. I am about to have a first appointment in a couple of weeks and am hopeful it will be the same one as you as I am also in north wales.

Many thanks




I get a bit paranoid at the thought of vitamins etc. running out - but am convinced there is a natural way around these roadblocks: I could for instance find out what to grow in the greenhouse I am erecting this autumn, that I will be able to juice, to pack in huge medicinal quanties of organic leaves with which to treat myself. I agree with others, one has to start small and increase gradually with any of these things, but am of the opinion that one can stock up with what one thinks one might need ahead of time.

When I first started looking into all this thyroid stuff I got the materials together to make up a lifetime or more supply of lugol's oil (iodine). I'm too scared to use a drop of it internally yet, but I have used it to do a skin patch test, which fades within four hours indicating that I have low iodine levels reaching my tissues. A naturopath I know said ' I recommend desiccated animal thyroid, but if you do decide to take iodine (he used it on the farm to treat cattle hooves for heel worm parasites), just only take one drop and another drop about one week or two weeks later, so there is not enough to shock the system, but if you start to feel better, you can gentle and gradually increase the frequency, and then the number of drops, and so on, until your patch test shows it stays on the skin for six to eight hours, or overnight without fading, and then your body has enough.

When you read that we only need one teaspoon in a whole lifetime, how should you interpret this? For a lot of us on here, we are maybe only getting one millionth part of a teaspoon getting to the inside of the cells that are needing it, and the rest of it is being expelled from the body, or not being transferred where it should be. And don't forget that on the way, any of the other halogens like fluoride can blitz out and nudge aside the iodine we need, so it can't dock or do its job. All the time the chemical thugs are preventing essential nutrients reaching the mitochondria in every cell which are being slowly weakened and unable to make enzymes ...

For the skin itself, the skin is sensitive on the inner thighs etc., and if the Lugol's is strong, it can burn (like iodine tincture can). I gave myself one trying to be too clever and soaking a plaster to try to stick it on overnight. I had a place like a knee graze right on my waistline where my belt rubs, for a good week.

So what I think is, softly softly catchee monkey!

Best book I've come across about iodine for the layman is 'The Iodine Crisis' by Lynne Farrow, and the best overall holistic book written by a 'proper doctor' is the one 'Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy' by Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield. In that one you can be reassured that there are several strands you can follow to treat yourself with or without your GP and Endo, so don't despair, all is not lost if you can't find one that can treat you.

On another level altogether, more and more people are learning to free up their throat chakra, and the throat chakra is about speaking out your truth. Lots of us are tackling just that with our GPs and Endos, and we are getting there!


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