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Update following advice from Thyroid UK


Well it's all happening now! at least for some.

I would like to say a big thank you to all here who helped to get my Hashimoto's friend get her T3 back on the menu, and also for helping me to look at the options for my own very low Thyroid levels and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

I advised my friend to ask her Dr to issue a Liothyronine prescription for a friend going to France once a month to bring back, as I remembered that I had to get my carbimazole via a private prescription way back in the day, that had to be ordered from the UK.

My friend didn't have to get it from France in the end though. I assume she got the 'named patient prescription' from the UK via her GP, because when she went to the chemist finally after a lot of( have they or haven't they) got it hiccups- she asked them how much did they cost? and was told £258 and some pennies.

I figure they come from the new licensed, or is it provisional licensed? Low stock morningside? group.

anyway she is very happy to be back on them in addition to her 150mg of Levothyroxine. And if that all goes belly up there is always the option of French T3 with a private prescription.

So a big thank you to us grateful Channel islanders.

Jenny x

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So is your friend paying £258 a month or is she getting it on the NHS? If she is paying, then she really should try and order it from either France or Germany because she'll save barrow loads of cash! The prescription she has, whether named patient basis, private, or NHS can be used abroad.

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Yes, That is what I was advised to tell her. She knew that they are cheap in France and assumed that she would have to get them from France and pay for them. I had to keep nagging her to go back to her GP and issue the ultimation. That's when they offered her the same as she had before. She is just good at helping others, but gives up too easily on herself. It costs £50 odd to wear down a GP here, so your options are limited my your means, especially when you have to give up work through untreated ill health.

They would be paying the "new reduced"? price themselves, not my poverty stricken OAP friend! -NO, not when she could get them for pennies from France. But here,, you have to fight to get treatment, or you just quietly fade away...


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