Advise about getting T3 prescription filled in France

i have a private prescription from a UK Endochronologist for T3, he advised me I can get this filled in France for a fraction of the UK cost. Anyone done this so can clarify the process. Our house is in France and we are going next week. Do I have to see Fr GOP and get French prescription or can I take this one straight to Pharmacy. Feeling very angry about the whole process and cost of this vital medicine, makes me feel like a drug smuggler!


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  • Sarahpk,

    See whether a pharmacy will accept the prescription. I think there may be difficulty if the prescription is 20mcg as I believe French T3 is 25mcg.

  • Yes, it is. And it depends how well you speak French and can explain your problem. I've never found French pharmacists to be very knowledgeable - although they think they are! - or helpful. They might try and tell you it's the same as T4! Happened to me a couple of times.

    Plus, they'll only give you enough for one month, no matter what the prescription says! And they don't usually keep it in stock.

  • Sarahpk,

    You could use your prescription to buy Thybon 20 from Germany. Cost is €30.15 x 100 x 20mcg as opposed to £258+ for 28 x 20mcg in the UK.

  • can you buy it online or do you have to physically be in Germany! and present a perscritption

  • Canvasbutterfly,

    You can buy online and scan your prescription.

  • Hi can you tell me if the prescription says liothyronine on it will it still be accepted in Germany?

    If yes could you tell me what website I would use?

    I got a months supply once from my GP for thybon henning then the head of the the practice told me it was too expensive being prescribed rubbish quality from Mercury pharma again,I felt great on the thybon henning.

  • Rosie2poppy,

    If you Google "Thybon 20" you'll see links where to obtain Thybon. Your head of practice was so wrong. 100x20mcg Thyrbon costs €30.15 whereas 28x20mcg Mercury Pharma costs £258+.

  • Do you if the prescription says liothyronine on it will I still get thybon henning?

  • Thybon is simply one brand name of liothyronine.

    You need to communicate with the dispensing pharmacy to be sure, but it certainly can be dispensed against a prescription which says liothyronine.

  • This sounds a lot more reasonable price wise thanks

  • Hi I'm Jackie ! 😀 I will be buying some t3 when I go to rhodes in June I'm currently on 200levothyroxine just come down from 225 was over medicated then left to feel appalling with no help from gp but I know in 4 weeks time I will be back feeling lethargic aching muscles and weight gain also the extra levothyroxine shot up my cholesterol higher than its ever been before and was called into surgery for a lecture on heart disease and pre_ diabetes can't believe where they get off treating hypothyroidism patients the way they do!! So I was wondering if you knew how much T3 would you take if your currently on 200 daily ? I know the T3 comes in 25 mg any suggestions ,would be grateful

  • Jackiehyland,

    Please write your own post and include your most recent thyroid results and ranges and I'll reply.

  • Don't bank on getting your T3. I live in Crete and there is currently a supply issue ....

  • I order my T3 online from Greece - no prescription. My prescription here was 20mcg but could only get 25mcg - I have taken the 25mcg for 6 months and haven't felt any adverse effects. The supplier seems very reliable.

  • Hello spikyjules,

    I have been informed that within three months we will all have to pay for our T3 meds here in the UK. I have just been prescribed my first three months. Saw an Endo today and after describing my symptoms have been suggested that I try a T4/T3 mix; Levo and T3 (not sure what brand name yet).

    After that Endo says it will cost £200 or equivalent per month to fulfil prescription from UK pharmacies. Could you message me where your supply is purchased from I would be very grateful.

  • Why cannot Endo prescribe on a 'named-patient basis' for the other T3's available in the UK. These have been used for a long time mainly overseas I blieve.

  • Thanks clutter I am going to forward this to my Dr and Endo - so does this mean it would then be thru NHS prescription so not the 250 per month!?

  • An NHS prescription can be used in a UK pharmacy and fulfilled with, say, Sanofi Cynomel, if written properly. May be very sensible for doctor and pharmacist to talk to each other before treading this path. The cost is not obvious but could well be less than for MercuryPharma liothyronine.

    An NHS prescription can be used in any EU country and fulfilled with whatever product is appropriate. You would have to pay for whatever is dispensed (and postage).

    Simiallrly, a private prescription can be used in any EU country so long as it is written out properly and all required details are present. Doctors very often charge for private prescriptions.

    There is a possible problem in that the person writing the prescription would not wish you to then use the prescription to get the over-priced Mercury Pharma liothyronine!

  • Its a private prescription from private visit to Endo, my GP refused to even discuss T3 and didnt know any NHS Endo that was knowledgable about this! All they wanted to dobwas reduce Levo when I am bed ridden with pain and fatigue! I am at the start of my journey with rhus and husband just made redundant, so looking for how to get med I need long term with least costs. Its allvso complicated at a time I can hardly think!

  • I'm sorry you are bedridden. I think you need T3 as I was also bedridden before being diagnosed and then the pain was much worse when I was given levo. The doctors have a cheek to think it is 'all in the mind' and we get disparaged because we dare say, 'it's not working'. We are then told you are 'normal range' so therefore you have to feel normal health. Not the case.

  • P.S. Before levothyroxine and the blood tests were introduced NDT was the only replacement thyroid hormones to be prescribed.

    I assume, that those who had been doing well on NDT and then switched to levo may not have found it as suitable as NDT.

    When complaints arose and people may have wanted to return to NDT False Statements arose made by some Associations.

    Then doctors forbidden to prescribe NDT, now it is T3 which is being treated the same as NDT. To force patients that levothyroxine alone will sort the patient out, never mind the 'other' prescriptions that will be given for the remaining or additional symptoms.

    Disregarding completely the unwell patient who has to 'get on with it' or told they are depressed. Who might well be if they don't have sufficient T3 converting or unable to process T4 at all therefore remaining hypo.

    By making False Statements and not listening to the patients who are still very unwell and if levothyroxine was perfect there would be no need at all for all the alternative websites such as STTM and Hypothyroidmum and desperate patients worldwide.

    I'd like to know how much money is paid by the Pharmaceutical Companies to doctors and some which will be 'in kind'.

  • Thank you for this over view of what has nd is happening. I am going to post cos I really want to fight for Justice. I am a thyroid can er survivor who has put upbwith misdiagnosis and mishandling in 3 countrys and just now starting to get real help from an informed but private Endo! AND to learn all this makes me so angry!! I am thoroughly disabled! We have the financial means to help mysel for only a few months. The private Dr, T3 and Dr Sarah Myehill supplements have cost us almost 700 pounds this month alone!!

  • I think your easiest & cheapest course of action would be to look abroad for your T3. Greece sells 300 T3 for just £65 delivered. can take a while to come through, so you have to plan in advance.

    Let me know if I can help.

  • The cost of your T3 is high. If you put up a new post asking for a Private Message to be sent to you of a source, it might be much more economical. Most of us on this forum 'do it ourselves' with help from members.

    I have my thyroid gland and I always believe if someone has their thyroid gland removed, T3 (or added to T4) or NDT should be the proper prescription. NDT has all the hormones a healthy gland would produce. Of course, everything has to be trial and error as what suits one doesn't suit another.

  • I was just talking to my husband about the situation and it does seem logical that I may well do better on NDT especially hving no thyroid! I cant believe no medical person has mentioned in 14 years any options other than T4!! I am going to see how I go now I am doung combination T4 T3 and if dont improve will switch to NDT any advice how long to try combination as I have read it can take time before we feel the benefits, are weeks or months a fair trial ?

  • How much of your levothyroxine did you drop ? And have your cholesterol levels drop ? I've asked my gp several times I've read that patients are feeling better with a bit of t3 who replied : wait for this one : everyone is different which I replayed well why are we all on the same medication ? He was really annoyed I could see it in his face I was also told he was busy and had sick patients too see , so I've decided to do things my way now :so was hoping maybe the t3 may lower my cholesterol then he can be left wondering how I've managed to achieve this and he couldn't as his Statins aren't working either !!! I mean what are we supposed to do really thanks

  • Ask which pharmacy.

  • Hi

    I get mine from France (well actually my boss ) I was ion the same situation as you

    Private endo recommended getting t3 in France .

    He gave me a script for 3 months supply . My boss who has a home out there took it to her local chemist who said she could o kg have 1 months supply .

    Cost was e3.60 ....bargain 😛

    My endo has now given me 2 scripts which my boss is taking to 2 different chemists.

    The French version is cytom 25mgs . I take 1/2 a tablet 3 x a week .

    I've only been been on it a month but seems to be helping

  • The French one is for 25mcg. Just order it without a prescription like I do. Make sure that you offer to pay the whole amount yourself.

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