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Thyroidectomy surgery, menopause and thyroid hormone supplements

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Hie I am 47 years old. I had thyrodectomy last month during which 4/5 of my thyroid gland was removed. I am now on 50mg of Eltroxin. I will next week be having my first post-operation blood tests. There are days when I feel sick, tightness of my chest particularly the left side. Before the thyroidectomy, my menstruation was very heavy and long. But since the surgery I have not had my period. I am hoping to share and understand thyroid problems. I am not sure if I qualify to be part of this forum because I am based in Zimbabwe. I came across this forum when I was googling about thyroid problems. In Zimbabwe, we don't have the same support networks.

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Hello Faye-Zee, welcome to the forum. I don't think it matters which part of the world we live in we can all learn from each other. Treatments and laboratory ranges vary around the world and who knows, there might be new ideas from Zimbabwe?

Welcome to the forum, Faye-Zee.

We're based in the UK but members from anywhere in the world are welcome.

Your blood test will show whether you are adequately dosed on 50mcg. Have the blood test early in the morning if you are able as TSH is highest early which helps with getting dose increase if you need it. Fast before the test (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking and take Levothyroxine after your blood test.

Ask for a printout of your results and the lab ranges or ask for them to be given verbally and make a note of them after every blood test. You can then post them in a new question for interpretation and comment.

Your menstrual cycle may be off kilter until you are optimally dosed and normally returns to normal soon after.

Hi Faye-Zee

Sorry to hear you're feeling isolated. I hope this forum will help. I am due to see the surgeon tomorrow to discuss surgery or RAI, but I am opting for surgery as I have heard the RAI is a "slow burn" situation and I simply have run out of stamina. I guess you must ask about the side effects of Eltroxin and mention all your symptoms since you had your operation. Everyone's story is unique and we must be careful not to advise when unsure. I wish you all the best. Maybe no periods for a while will be a good thing? Especially if they were as you say "heavy and long?" ~ I can understand your concerns. Talk to someone soon and try not to worry. Good luck.

Heĺlo... i had a total thyroidectomy last week as I had a huge goiter that was pressing on my windpipe. The surgeon managed to save one parathyroid gland. I am on 75mg Euthyrox and have of course not had blood tested yet.

My voice is very hoarse, though they looked at my vocal chords and they are ok. Did you have that problem Faye-Zee? Otherwise I feel quite well with hardly any pain.

I am 70 so no menstruation thank goodness. I live in Switzerland but am originally from the UK. I had a heart valve replaced last year so am still on beta blockers and calcium channel blockers.. I hope to be able to wean myself off these, hoping that my heart rate will slow normally without the overactive thyroid.

Is there anything I should watch out for? Should I take Co Enzyme or other supplements?

Thank you

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