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Any Views on this old bloodtest please ?

Posting again (sorry!)but I would really appreciate some feedback on one of my last blood tests on levothyroxine

Serum free T3 5.1 (3.00-7.10)

Serum free T4 17.5 (10.40-24.50)

TSH 0.07 (0.30-6.00)

This was on 75mg levo I think but at 100mcg I just felt very hyper with hyper symptoms!and wouldnt trying to get t3 and t4 up not have been a good idea with a tsh that supressed on t4 only drug? I obviously didn't feel good on this kind of bloodwork ((but they were probably not fasting or morning test as I didn't know any better back then)) as I decided to switch to ndt and self medicate ..I have no idea what vitamin levels were at time but has anybody any thoughts? I should add that is as I may consider going back on it or maybe t3/t4 combination? ? At this point in my journey I'm so confused!

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Well, both the Frees were about mid-range, so conversion wasn't too bad. But, if you didn't feel well, an increase in levo might have done the trick. But, it doesn't matter how low the TSH goes. It goes low because you don't need it anymore.


Thanks grey goose it's just when I tried on 100 I couldn't tolerate the increase but I felt rubbish on 75...but I just can't seem to get ndt right either after faffing around for a yr now and I'm just getting tired of the whole thing (I know everyone here on the whole is!)..just don't know what direction to go in now!


Have you tested your vit D, B12, folate and ferritin?


When I first came on here (May this yr I think)I did post them and was advised that even though not too bad could do with some supplementing so I did and then had them done again but I had only stopped supplements day before as I had not known about having to stop them when going for test I'll have a look for them and post thanks


You're welcome. :)



If 75mcg was too little and 100mcg too much why didn't you try 87.5mcg?

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I did try that Clutter (was alternating daily) ..I can't remember how long I gave it though ..I just didn't feel good hence then deciding to switch to ndt....the problem with me is my 24/7 daily headaches that havn't gone in several years and I started to think it was the levothyroxine causing them amongst other things so wanted to try ndt.


I have recently changed to NDT and am doing very well on it thanks to Clutters dosing advice. The only fly in the ointment is I have to split the dose as If I take it all at once I get a headache about 6 hours later (Im currently on 2 and a quarter grains) In the last 5 years or so before diagnosis I also went from the odd migraine to 3-4 a week. Havent had one since getting optimal on either levo or NDT though.

Did the headaches predate diagnosis or only start when you got to a decent level. The closer my levo got to optimal the worse my muscular issues got, hence trying NDT if the muscle issues resolve I know what to blame.

Have you tried an antihisthamine an hour before incase you are reacting to any of the binders and fillers in any tablets. You could also consider an elimination diet incase it is something you eat that you have developed a sensitivity to.

Headaches like that are not normal, if the above dont work they need investigating. Im assuming your blood pressure has been checked and is good.

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Thanks for reply Phoenix605. ..I posted regards headaches if you get chance to look at my posts.Basically I went gps several years ago with tiredness and was starting with headaches daily but not as bad now.I tried medications that was prescribed for a while to no success so gp run bloods and said I was perimenopause and had an underactive thyroid. .just take little pill and all will be good!...well it wasn't! !I have spent a fortune on chiropractitioners, physiotherapy, accupuncture,massage,counselling, all kinds of cocktails from herbalist,have added things to diet (including meat after being vegetarian for 15yr)stopped gluten and dairy,gone low sugar (these I rein stated after no sucess)paid to have In tolerance testing, have had cat scans,mri scans,steroid injections in my forehead and neck and shoulders all to no avail.Have recently tried very powerfull anti convulsion medication but couldnt stand the effects.They have never once not for one day disappeared and I also get migraines on top of them.I believed at first that they were hormonal and once levo was optimally working they would disappear. ..sadly not ,then I thought maybe once through menopause they would go but 2years past last period they haven't so NDT for me was my final hope but I can't seem to get that right either!I guess ive never on paper looked optimal but whatever i have increased or done to get them right hasn't brought results.I don't really want to revert back to levothyroxine as of course I still felt bad on that or I wouldn't of switched to ndt but if you read my other post from yesterday you will see how things are right now and I'm so confused!I am glad things are working for you ..we all have such a struggle and the wonderful admin on here have all been there and still will have there own ups and downs with it all too!I'm just so exhausted with trying to find the magic key!🤕


Vit D 85......now 105

folate 6.4 (3-20)..now 8

B12 487 (160-1000)...now 1098

Ferritin 126 (10-291)..now 133

Serum TIBC and is 42umol/L (45-80)

Iron 20 (7-30)

Saturation binding capacity 47.6% (20-55)

I was advised on these grey goose thanks


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