Your views in my blood results please

I have picked up my blood results and whilst my GP is on holiday I hoped someone would comment on them before I see him again. Forewarned is forearmed!

Amongst other things, my GP wrote "patient on both T3 & T4 so please check T3 levels".

The lab wrote back "On T3 & T4 but TSH feedback relevant as when just on T4. Therefore T3 NOT analysed". ............

My bloods were testing for liver function, bone profile, urea & electrolytes, full blood count, plus

free T4 [20.6 pmo/L Range 11.00-23.00 ]

TSH [0.05 mu/L Range 0.35-5.50 ]

Vit B12 [679 ng/L Range 190.00-900 ]

Folate [12.2 ug/L Range 2.00-19.00 ]

I've asked reception if another GP can reorder the T3 in absence of my own Dr, in readiness for my next appt with him, but would appreciate any comments on the above figures as I guess I'm likely to be told "you're fine ......."

If it would help, I can post the liver etc test results but didn't want to overload the post. In particular my red blood cell count was 4.32 this time, and 4.19 in Sept [ 4.20-5.40 ]

and the packed cell volume was 38.2 this time and 36.5 in Sept [37.00-47.00] so low this time and below range last time.

Any comments appreciated. :-)

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  • Ferritin is important and has not been done

    T3 is important and the lab is wrong wrong wrong to refuse to do it

    TSH is meaningless but they wont face that fact

  • Thank you for reminding me about ferritin. I guess I've got to wait for my GP appt to ask for that now. Did a quick google and can see that folate ferritin and B12 need to be tested together .....

    I think the lab have got a nerve to refuse a GP request. Tail wagging dog? :-)

  • T3 is probably more expensive to do so if TSH is 'normal' they wont do T3.

  • That's most probably true Shaws. I've lost track now of how the funding works- is the test funded from the GPs budget or within the larger commissioning body, so that GPs spending is controlled at a higher level of decision making?

  • Hypnoteq, I know we shouldn't have to but it might be worth doing a t3. Test privately by blue horizon? it's disgusting that we have to but we need to get better :-(

  • Thanks Angel2. That's my fall back position now. We need to be willing to spend to get better don't we ;-)

  • Yes we do and it's so frustrating :-( best of luck tho Hun, if you have a good doc he/she might get on the case, I am adamant drs have been told not to refer and can only offer the cheaper tests, it's so wrong, long sigh..... Best of luck tho hope your doc pushes it through for you and let us know how you her on.. Gentle hugs xxx

  • Meant to put get on!! :-)

  • Many many thanks Angel. Your kind wishes are much appreciated! X

    Hope you are keeping well too.

  • I would say get the T3 test done privately if you can afford it. The GP doesn't have the power to force the lab to do anything. The GP requested the right tests and it really isn't his fault they were not done - he has been put in a very difficult position by the lab and this isn't right.

    Perhaps find out where/how to contact the lab and write a letter complaining? I find it surprising they can just over rule what test the doctor orders as although they are specialists in testing they do not have the full clinical picture the doctor has and they don't know the reasons why the doctor is ordering those tests in the first place.

    Gp will probably want to lower your medications based on the TSH, but your T4 looks OK. It is important to know if your T3 is above range (bad) or not.

  • Yes I may well complain to the lab, once I've spoken to my GP, that's a good idea. After all, the lab's function is to simply (albeit, importantly) carry out the tests on behalf of the GP, and report on findings. It's like taking your car to the garage and asking for new brake pads and tyres, and the garage saying they'd replaced the brake pads so didn't think it was necessary to put new tyres on - even though both are key to being able to stop the car effectively lol

  • I think there are package deals which might be worthwhile rather than one test. In fact some testing should be done at the same time. I think antibody and reverse T3 can be included in some for not much more expense.

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