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Further to my previous post

Serum free T4. 9.00 range (10.5 -24.5)

Serum TSH. <0.01 . Range (0.27-4.2)

Serum T3. 5.7 . Range 3.1 - 6.8

Prior to my taking T3 I was taking 100 Levothyroxine my results were

Serum free T4 20.00 range (10.5 - 24.5)

Serum TSH 0.21 range0.3-4.0)

Serum T3 5.4 range 3.1 - 6.8)

Appreciate your help, thanks

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  • How much T3 are you taking, Tillypops?

    FT3 has hardly improved but FT4 has plummeted since you stopped taking Levothyroxine. If you don't feel well you could increase your T3 dose a little or you might consider taking Levothyroxine + T3 combination.

  • Your present dose of 50mcg T4 & 50mcg T3 equates to over 200mcg T4 (double what you were previously medicating ! ! ...) ..

    TSH is fine and T4 is low but you are medicating a larger proportionate amount of T3 so T4 test result could expect to be lower.

    T3 is a good level so you definitely shouldn't need a dose raise.

    How do you feel?

  • Not been great for some time, that is why Iintroduced T3

  • T3 is the active thyroid hormone which regulates the metabolism and therefore the symptoms. With a free T3 in the top part the range you should not have any hypothyroid symptoms.

    T4 is the inactive form and needs converted to T3 to become active.

    Your results suggest that the body is trying to maximise the T3 level by converting as much as possible of the T4 to T3, causing the low free T4.

    These results and your continuing symptoms could be caused by thyroid hormone resistance, also known as impaired sensitivity to thyroid hormone. This is a genetic condition so if there are others in your family with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression or thyroid issues this would support this possibility. With this condition the body needs very high levels of T3, often above the top of the normal range.

  • Have you thought about T3 only? I was originally on 150mcg Levo and slowly introduced T3. Ended up on 100mcg Levo and 60mcg T3 but still didn't feel good.

    Now dropped the Levo and on 80mcg T3 only. Not feeling perfect but so much better than I have been.

  • Sorry I am taking 50 of T3 and 50 of Levothyroxine

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