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Blood results advice

Last Oct my TSH was 4.67 and earlier this year it was 3 something (can't find where I put my copy) (0.35-5.50 mu/L)

Ferritin in Oct was 30.4 (20-300 ug/L) after 6 weeks on ferrous fumarate.

I haven't been to the drs since April as I was fed up with not getting any closer to getting answers but I finally went back last week as I'm feeling worse only to be told by the dr that it's ME/CFS and She could refer me to a specialist for it. She refused to even recheck my ferritin even though I said it keeps dropping because it was 'fine' last time.

I decided now I can afford it to get blue horizons tests done and I just got my results back today. Now I'm confused as my thyroid bloods look okay and not a problem after all although vit d is a bit low and my ferritin has started to drop like I thought.

Any advice on my next move would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi - well your thyroid numbers themselves aren't too bad, though could be maybe slightly better, but your ferritin & vit d are both really bad and your b12 could do with a boost as well. These will be giving you symptoms as well as holding back proper use of thyroid hormones. Up to you whether you persist with your current GP, see another one and hope they are better or just buy some supplements and treat yourself.

Good luck


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I've just ordered some vit d and b12 to try and work on those hopefully they'll help while I pester my gp about the iron to try and get to the root of the problem.


Hi my bloods (apart for t3,t4 antibodies as they werent done) were very similar to yours a few years ago doctor didn't give me anything either. However late last year my b12 went a lot lower after some more tests they started b12 jabs and since then I've done some reading up and spoke to my pharmacist, who gave me some print offs so I could give them to my doctor. Pharmacist advised me about how iron, ferritin b12 and folate all work like cogs in a clock (which I already knew but doctor had said if I got the info she would have a read) and she also said ferritin and folate would be best in higher range than lower, any way since handing the info in I've now been given iron and folate tabs. Still feeling blughgh but will it be a kind of 6 month wait thing while my body gets higher levels and then start making better work of my blood cells (as the old ones last about 3 months and then new ones are formed), dont forget though if you do have symptoms of b12 dont treat with folate until levels are better as it can mask b12 problems and do some damage too.hopefully you'll start to feel the benefit sooner than later. Please do read up on b12 and also ask your pharmacist for some guidance before medicating

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