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Please help me find a place to buy Nature Throid online

Hello, I have been struggling with hypothyroidism horribly for almost 5 years now. All of the doctors I have seen refuse to prescribe me NDT. Can someone PLEASE help me, and let me know some places that you can order Nature Throid online without a prescription.

At this point I am ordering my own bloodwork, paying for it out of pocket and and able to dose myself if only I could get something other than synthroid.

Please. I would appreciate any help in my search.

Thank you in advance,


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Whoops, I forgot to mention that I am in the US.


There is a non-prescriptive NDT, made by a doctor/scientist to be specifically non-prescriptive. Dr Lowe was also an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org.uk before his untimely death. He lived in Florida, USA. I shall also give you a couple of his links:-


Other topics at the top of the page on the above link. Some may not work as it is now archived.

His wife, Tammny, now runs this part of the business. I shall give you a link for information.


The following are some chapters from a book he wrote.

Chapter 2


below Chapter 7


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Thank you SO much for your response. This looks very promising and I will try that!! :)


Also a chapter from Dr Lowe's book - now out of print which might be helpful.

Chapter 3


This is also a past post of a portion of Dr Lowe's comments.


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Looks like some extremely useful information. Thank you so much for sharing!


I believe some naturopathic doctors in the states can prescribe NDT but check out these links for more reading:





May be also: <list of possible internet sources>

Need to have an RX from a practitioner legally allowed to RX medications. That can be an ARNP, P.A., or MD or O.D., for instance. You need an annual lab test to prove you still need it [ridiculous it might seem, but people's conditions can change]. You can order and pay for the tests yourself from an outside patient-directed lab service, by getting the equipment from them, and taking it to a local phlebotomist to draw and send to that outside lab. Then can take copy of results to a practitioner who can RX the medicine needed, and/or, one willing to work with you long-term, to find ways to help resolve the condition using natural methods, so you can hopefully stop being dependent on the whims of industries. Only those missing their thyroids, have no chance to ever get off the thyroid pills.

The listing below isn't necessarily about getting the NDT, but more perhaps about learning other methods of helping oneself to correct their thyroid balance: getrealthyroid.com

[ When you signed up to this forum, you were asked to agree to the guidelines. Your response here breaks guideline 24 so has been edited to make it compliant.

24. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription. This includes online pharmacies who issue 'prescriptions' on the basis of the completion of a simple health questionnaire.

healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... ]


Actually, once we are proven hypothyroid - not just transient infection or illness based thyroid inflammation - there are very, very, few people who do not need to be on thyroid hormones for life with no chance of ever "getting off" them. This is not just those with no thyroid. Unfortunately on this site we have seen many people who believe that sort of rubbish, stop their thyroid hormones, and get very ill very quickly, as anyone with a more balanced view of the whole situation would expect. Whilst hypothyroid conditions can be helped through correcting nutrient imbalances, etc, this is only in conjunction with proper thyroid replacement.

Please, from a personal point of view, I really enjoy and value this site because we all try our best to help each other in a balanced, constructive way, to deal with conditions that many of us have struggled with for years. The real appeal of this forum is that it is not full of the hype to sell "miracle cure for your thyroid - get off meds" type diets/systems/formulas/plans from supposed gurus, "it's all about Big Pharma" type conspiracy complaints/rants, etc, etc that appear to dominate many other sites supposedly trying to help thyroid patients. We try to keep it real and constructive here. I am sure I am not the only member to feel this way. Are you comfortable with this ethos and approach? Maybe if you feel you really can't accept this cultural norm for this particular forum and couldn't receive any helpful knowledge from such an approach you may find some other forums a slightly better for for you personally and that you feel you could learn more from?

Good luck



What I seem to understand, is that you just want solutions, no other germane discussion.... What do you do when blocked from those solutions? And, do you feel this list is only for those in UK?

We can agree, perhaps, that NDT's are becoming harder to get; and that people are experiencing harm, related to not being able to get them.

Is what you wish, about restricting discussion to what NDT's are available, what tests are most useful, and where/how to get them, and for how much?

It seems to be part of my nature to tilt against the windmills of those causing harm to others. And, am new to this list. And, not in UK. And, am an alternative healthcare practitioner, therefore aware that some have been able to get off thyroid. Perhaps too many points of contention for this list.

I apologize for being unaware of those limitations. Perhaps it would be useful to post those restrictions where easily seen by newcomers? Also, could you please share information about other thyroid lists one might access, which do _not_ have such limitations? Lists perhaps, interested in tilting at the windmills of industry, to get NDT's restored to easy access?


Hi - are solutions not what we are all looking for? You say you are an "alternative health practitioner", do you have a thyroid problem yourself? If yes then you will understand the difficulties that can be involved in cutting through all the hype, bluff, smoke and mirrors that can be very, very common in searching for genuine, useful info to help handle a thyroid condition. No-one is blocked from finding all that stuff, it is all openly available on the internet. And no, this forum - whilst being UK based and, I think it is fair to say, dominated - welcomes anyone with a thyroid problem from anywhere in the world. Advice on understanding the condition, the normal issues with it, nutrition and treatment methods are fairly universal, though medication and testing norms and availability will differ across the world.

There are no limitations, simply forum cultural and conversational norms and standard practices. I was merely trying to introduce you to these as a new member who is perhaps more familiar - and maybe more comfortable with? as you say "tilt against the windmills" - a rather different set of norms and culture? The battles for availability of medication options will be very different in different countries and would suggest you seek out US specific groups if you are seeking to engage in campaigning - we are having our own issues with T3 at the moment!

The only actual rules associated with this forum can be found here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

Good luck,



Hello I too need Natural Thyroid. I live in Nairobi Kenya

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If you have questions for the forum it is best to create your own post Ndaya.


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