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Best places to purchase t3

My latest blood tests showed my tsh was 1.2 and my t4 18.

My t3 was 6.8. This is on 125mcg levo I think my issue is although t4s are good I am not converting as still have the symptoms... can't lose weight, hair falling out and having to nap daily due to extreme tiredness despite sleeping. I want to try t3 to see if it helps I'm not sure where the best place to purchase is though. If someone could give me some info in a pm would be appreciated.

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It would be easier to help you if you gave the reference ranges for your results, but to me, that doesn't look like a conversion problem. As far as one can tell without the ranges, both FT4 and FT3 are up the top of the range. If you had a conversion problem, your FT4 would be at the top, but the FT3 much lower. Sounds more like an absorption problem - absorbing the T3 into the cells - or, hormone resistance, as it's known.

One reason for that can be high consumption of unfermented soy. Would that be your case?

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I don't eat products that contain it?

Are they other reasons?

I'm currently trying to find the results that I was sent in the letter but I'm sure the ranges wernt on there. They agreed to increase me up by 25mcg which has given me about results.

Then contact whoever did the tests and ask for the ranges. Results without them are pointless - I imagine even you don't know if they are high or low.

I have rang the secretary so might hear back next year lol. Also spotted my mistake, t3 was 4.8 not 6.8

Well, that would make a difference, but some ranges have 4.8 as the top of the range, so...

Probably, but I'm not an expert. However, if you want replies from other people that might know, please put the ranges to your results.

Welcome to the forum, Ava1986.

I suggest you write a new post when you get the ranges.

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