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"Highly suspicious" nodule on thyroid and lymph node

Further to my previous posts I now have an appointment with the head guy in ENT on Monday, all FNA/biopsy results inconclusive but the nodes look highly suspicious on the ultrasound. So looks like surgery for me.... And a few months of turmoil x

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OK, so I've been there too. Have you had a surgical biopsy or just FNA biopsy?


Hi, an FNA and another biopsy where they took tissue, both inconclusive. Frustrating!!


Yes, very frustrating. Have they indicated next steps? It tends to consume life so try to do some nice things and treat yourself to some lovely moments and just enjoy the moment. Lovely sunshine here today, nice cup of tea, feet up.


Hi lindsaydawson603,

I too have been there. If you haven't had surgery yet - highly suggest you only remove 1/2 of thyroid. Do not do a total.

Better to have two surgeries if necessary and avoid a lifetime of thyroid management. Wish I had done that. But can't look back only forward. All the Best.


It all has to come out as I need RAI afterwards and it wont work if half the thyroid is left. I don't think I can afford to be choosy!


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