Hemythyroidectomy for suspicious nodule

Hi guys, new here but seems to be the best place from which i can find an honest advice. Have a suspicious nodule on ly left side of the thy (suspicious for follicular neoplasm). Had 4 fnab and core biopsy, but they all came back as inconclusive due to poor amount of cells,making impossible to give a secure diagnosis. Now they want to perform a hemythyroidectomy as the last choice to rule out cancer (hopefully). To me this seems to be very drastic but i do not want to carry on going back and forth to the hospital for fnab and obtain nothing afterwards. Also, if it is indeed a follicular neoplasm,apparently a fnab is pretty useless! So why did i have to have it done 4 times???? Not sure what to do and feel afraid of possible long term problems following the op.... Any advice? Thank you

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  • Welcom to the forum, Miriam1975.

    FNA core biopsy will usually show papillary cancer if a decent cell sample can be obtained but hitting the right area of the nodule can be difficult. After hemithyroidectomy histopathology will biopsy the tumour and will be able to conclusively determine whether it is benign or malignant from the larger sample.

    The remaining thyroid lobe is expected to pick up the slack and produce the required thyroid hormone. If it doesn't, Levothyroxine will be prescribed.

    I had thy3 FNA and biopsy in 2011 but didn't have repeat FNAs because the nodule needed to be removed to relieve compression of my trachea. Histopathology showed Hurthle cell carcinoma so completion thyroidectomy was scheduled 3 months later.

    Both operations were done as day surgery with an overnight stay for observation. Pain was minimal and the hospital was generous with pain relief in hospital and to take home after discharge. Both times I was able to eat normally after surgery but it is advisable to have soups and soft foods available in case your throat is painful or sore. Healing was good in both cases and I have a fine white line of a scar within the hollow of my throat.

  • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I.m glad that Your experience was not of a negative note. I have pain and a constant feeling of "pulling" from the nodule area,so, i know i must resolve this anyway. To me is also a mental necessity to find out if it is a cancerous nodule or not, as i do not want to keep feeling worried. Thank you again

  • Miriam1975,

    It's probably worth having the hemithyroidectomy to relieve the pain and 'pulling'.

    I found it easier to breathe and swallow after the hemi without the large nodule choking me!

  • hi miriam dont mind me asking but what is the size of the nodule? I too have that pulling sensation you describe but nodules are only small the biggest 2.8mm

  • Hi Joyce, i don.t mind at all. The nodule is less than 1cm ( don.t really know the exact size). Yes, pulling, sometimes i compare the pain similar to the one caused by a fastidious tooth ache,not extremely painful but there... Hope you will be OK

  • sounds like what ive got and the endo and gp have said its anxiety pains but iam still convinced its the thyroid. the gp has referred me to mental health once again. iam going to see how i am after xmas.

  • i hope you will get it sorted. Keep us posted please xxx

  • Will do miriam hope yours is sorted too.

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